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Time flies so fast… That’s amazing. I have the feeling it was only yesterday that I made a post about Joel Comm in the “Who Is” post series but it’s already been a week. This post series previously featured Frank Kern and Joel Comm. Now is the time for a post about Ryan Eagle.

Ryan Eagle is the founder and owner of EWA Private Network, one of nowadays’ most popular affiliate networks. You may have already heard of him on other blogs, twitter or forums. He is generally recognized for being cocky, but I’m pretty sure that he is in fact a nice guy (or maybe I’m wrong?). At least, based on the emails exchange we had before this post was written, I have a good feeling about him.

Ryan Eagle

Who’s that Ryan Eagle?

Ryan Eagle is a 23 years old hard worker who’s always cocky. He enjoys playing BlackJack and never miss a chance to remind anyone of his 4 main centers of interest: money, hoes, cars and clothes.

Where does Ryan Eagle come from?

Ryan operates an Illinois-based company called Eagle Web Assets Inc. He started working online full-time in 2004 and since then have applied several changes to his business model. In the beginning, he was doing mostly SEO. Then he migrated to doing some CPA advertising in 2005. The next step has been switching completely to full-time affiliate marketing in 2007. In 2009, most of his income was made through media buying, social traffic and contextual popups.

Eagle Web Assets Inc.

Ryan founded his main company Eagle Web Assets Inc. in 2004 after succeeded big time with some of his websites and reaching over a million unique visitors daily. This company was going to be the foundation to his internet empire.

EWA Private Network, Affiliate Game Changer?

In the beginning of 2009, Eagle Web Assets launched EWA Network, an affiliate network. The concept of EWA is not rocket science, it’s actually based on 4 principles: EWA will pay more, EWA will get more, EWA will pay quicker and EWA will help more.

While Ryan clearly emphasize on the fact that EWA will help their affiliate grow their business, the reality is sometimes far from the concept. So far, my experience with EWA has been like any other network, except maybe the fact that my Affiliate Manager is always either unresponsive or has to go 2 minutes after I start talking to him (But that’s only my personal experience).

EWA Private Network, Clever Advertising

One thing that I have to admit is the clever way in which Ryan is advertising EWA. First of all, EWA Private Network is advertised as an “exclusive” network where you can’t get in unless someone vouch for you. This is mostly a marketing plot to make you think that EWA has something special.

The second important thing is that I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen some banners for EWA. It’s all over the Internet Marketing blogs. Ryan is clearly making massive media buys on every single blog in the niche to stand out of the crowd.

One network is not enough: BLAM Ads

On the New Years Eve 2010, Ryan looked back and realized that he had spent almost 6 years working crazy hours to grow his business. So he decided to hire and train new employees to lower his own workload. He did this so well that he ended up with a lot of free time on his hands, the problem being that he is a complete workaholic. This is when he decided to launch a new company: BLAM Ads.

By using the knowledge and skills he had recently learned, Ryan started this project (BLAM Ads) thinking big right from the start and hired some people to work with him. It took him only 2 months of heavy work to get the ball rolling by itself.

Next step: Angel Investment

Being the workaholic that he is, Ryan simply couldn’t stop there. Eagle Web Assets started investing in over a dozen new companies, setup hierarchy and management within them, developed strong branding and marketing initiates.

When and where will Eagle Web Assets stop its impressive growth? I have no fucking idea! But congrats Ryan for what you do, it’s a nice lesson for young entrepreneurs.

Ryan Eagle Company Address

If for any reason you would like to contact Ryan or Eagle Web Assets, here is their company address:

Eagle Web Assets Inc.
9933 Lawler, Suite 355
Skokie, IL 60077
United States of America

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  1. Tattoo

    I would like to see you attempt a Ralph Ruckman from Convert2Media “WHO IS” Great work and post!

    1. Affiliate Manager

      I agree, a post about Ruck would be pretty sweet. I love your caricatures. Keep it up! :)

    2. I don’t really know him, but I’ll take a look into that, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Affiliate Paying

    Nice writeup, nice caricature! Shouts out to the Birdman!

    1. Thanks for the support, great work by my artist once again! :)

  3. Paul

    Great story. This Eagle character seems like a cool dude and very inspirational. For the next Who Is, you should do a write up about Aaron Kendall and John Flynn. That is if you can find them.

    1. Well, I’ll need to 1/ Find them, 2/ See if they deserve the feature. I’ll check that.

  4. Vito G Glazers

    I never knew he could sing like that

    1. It appears he has many hidden talents…

  5. Ryan Eagle

    Great drawing man! Thanks for the post; it means a lot to me that I was highlighted in this blog with such large names. You’re the true legend, not me.

    1. I knew you had a tendency to exaggerate, but I never imagined this was up to this point! :)

  6. You have outdone yourself once again. Ryan has definitely created a brand for himself and that is something many don’t understand.

    1. Hey, thank you for the support ;)

      I think I’m going to develop the importance of creating your own brand in the case-study about my method to grow a name for Dukeo.

      Ryan is doing a great job brand-wise. This is part of the things that make him stand out of the crowd.

  7. Kang

    You forgot his bling blings in the caricature lol.

    For your next “who is” feature, I vote..


    1. Well, Ryan has a big watch and a diamond on his pinky in reference to a particular picture that you can find on the net.

      Barman would be a little complicated since he doesn’t disclose his real name on his blog, and there are little to no pictures of him on the net…

  8. Guy

    You forgot to add that this hard working guy doesn’t pay his own affiliates that made him so much money. I’ve spent 2 weeks now emailing each and every member of his team regarding payments, have to say they’re masters in ignoring people.

    1. Sameboat

      I am in the same boat. I have been emailing for over 2 weeks now as well. No response from anyone.

  9. Loleagle

    Ryan Eagle is near bankrupt now and owes a LOT of money to a LOT of people. WTG Ryan!

  10. Seriously

    Ryan Eagle does not deserve this page.
    In fact it is a waste of bandwidth.

    Not only has he scammed countless affiliates, but EWA has officially gone under.

    Too bad he isn’t taking the shock because it’s a corporation and he could probably care less since nothing against EWA affects Ryan’s personal life, credit, or history for that matter.

    At least it won’t be hard for the world to find out about his actual reputation on the internet and there is little to nothing positive about it at all..

    Any scammer can make tons of money but to be credited and pat on the back for it is disgusting to me.

  11. Caricatures are great! But do not like blog overall look – we liked the old..

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