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Blogging Issues: What Are The Real Problems With Blogging?

Steven Sep 2, 2015 3 responses Blogging 69 views 137 shares

Quite a few years ago, back in the early days of blogging before everybody and their brother had multiple blogs, there was a popular post asking readers to tell what they disliked about blogging. Surprisingly, the blogger posting this question was in the How To Make Money Blogging niche, so naturally, his readers were all […]

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New Blog Monetization: Should You Put Ads On Your New Blog?

Steven Sep 2, 2015 6 responses Blogging 43 views 135 shares

I’ve talked before about my opinion on having ads on your blog right from the launch. In the past, I didn’t think it was a very good idea because you didn’t really know your audience yet. In fact, you don’t even have an audience on the day you launch your blog. I’ve recently heard three […]

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Captivate New Readers: Make Them Browse Your Site

Steven Sep 2, 2015 5 responses Blogging 75 views 156 shares

1. Link To Relevant Content A large percentage of your first time readers will arrive on your blog via an organic search, which means they’re looking for information. Since you can’t possibly answer every single question they’ll have in just one blog post, and since one question often leads to another, it makes sense then […]

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Retaining New Readers: First Impression Counts Big Time

Steven Sep 2, 2015 No responses Blogging 42 views 138 shares

Since we’re talking about how to keep new readers on your blog, it only makes sense to take a look at the first things they see when they arrive. It is essential to turn those all-important first time visitors into long-time loyal followers. 1. Your Blog Design I know you’re tempted to use bright, flashy […]

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Capturing New Readers: How To Make Them Stick Around For More

Steven Sep 2, 2015 7 responses Blogging 43 views 155 shares

If you’re getting some good traffic to your blog then you’re probably excited to log in every day and see which of your loyal followers managed to leave the first comment this time. You enjoy interacting with these followers and you spend a lot of time trying to meet their content needs, which is as […]

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Starting Post Types: Which Ones To Use On A New Blog

Steven Sep 1, 2015 2 responses Blogging 102 views 140 shares

When you’re starting a new blog you can just sit down and start writing willy-nilly, or you can put some thought into it and actually create something effective. The choice is yours, but here are some things to consider… Your writing skills: Before you start, go to your favorite A-list blog and take a look […]

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Growing a Blog: How To Do It Like A Professional?

Steven Sep 1, 2015 8 responses Blogging 238 views 155 shares

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.” Mary didn’t get a beautiful garden just by dropping a few seeds in the ground and leaving the rest up to Mother Nature. If you want your blog to blossom and grow, then […]

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Blog Reinvention: 9 Ways To Start Fresh

Steven Sep 1, 2015 One response Blogging 45 views 343 shares

There comes a time when everybody gets bored with their blog, and that’s usually the time they rush to their favorite registrar and pick out a few domain names. What they fail to realize is that it’s going to take just as much work to start a new blog as it did to start the […]

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Non-Profit Blogging: 5 Reasons Not-For-Profits Should Blog

Steven Sep 1, 2015 3 responses Blogging 41 views 145 shares

I recently volunteered to set up a blog and website for a local church and during the process it occurred to me that all kinds of non-profit organizations could benefit from a blog. Not just churches, but Scout groups, local charities, community organizations and clubs, even schools can benefit. Here are five reasons not-for-profits should […]

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Teen Professional Bloggers: Follow These 6 Rules For Success

Steven Sep 1, 2015 No responses Blogging 61 views 164 shares

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a forum for teen bloggers. The surprising thing was that they were talking statistics, web analysis and monetization methods like seasoned pros and some of them were making a lot more than pocket change. If you’re a teen blogging planning to turn pro, I applaud you and […]

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