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Comment Spam: Why Is It Dangerous For Our Blogs

Steven August 27, 2015 10 responses Blogging 35 views 44 shares

It might not seem like it now, but one of these days you’re going to have to start worrying about comment spam. Every blogger does. It’s nasty stuff, left by even nastier people and it’s dangerous, dangerous for your, your visitors, and the entire blogosphere. Holy canned Spam, Batman! How can comment spam be dangerous? […]

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Landing Page Mistakes: Learn How To Fix These 5

Steven August 26, 2015 No responses Internet Marketing 353 views 121 shares

Landing pages are designed to get the reader to complete a specific action that leads him further into the sales funnel, like subscribing to a mailing list or getting a free download or buying a product. Because it takes a good bit of effort to get the reader to the landing page – either paid […]

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Sidebar Clutter: Time For Some Cleaning

Steven August 26, 2015 3 responses Blogging 123 views 143 shares

You don’t have to be a hoarder to start piling up widgets in your sidebar. Unfortunately, this is a problem shared by many. We find a new widget that does something funny or interesting, get excited about it, and decide to add it to the long list of widget that we once fell in love […]

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Comment Bait: 12 Post Types You Should Use

Steven August 25, 2015 11 responses Blogging 921 views 145 shares

Trying to increase the conversation and activity on your blog? Want to boost your momentum and your social proof? Try some of these 12 types of posts that always get lots of comments. 1. Competitions Announcing any kind of competition is always good for a rousing round of comments. Everybody wants to thank you and […]

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Blog Comments 101: How To Handle Comments On Your Blog

Steven August 25, 2015 10 responses Blogging 49 views 173 shares

We’ve all seen those blogs with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of comments after each and every post. We’ve also all seen those blogs that have zero comments even though their content is wonderful and thought-provoking and packs a powerful punch. Nothin’ but crickets on your blog? Here are some basic tips to help you get more […]

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What Is Linkbaiting? Crash Course On Attracting Links

Steven August 25, 2015 No responses SEO 75 views 137 shares

The thing about linkbaiting is, if the blogger is doing it right, you won’t realize it’s linkbait. In fact, there are posts designed to be linkbait on every single blog you visit, but the only time you ever see the word is when someone is blatantly trying to attract links. Now that you’re thoroughly confused, […]

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Basic SEO: Your Blog Posts Just Need This

Steven August 25, 2015 One response SEO 300 views 179 shares

I remember when I first started blogging there were all these SEO rules about keyword placement and keyword density and when to use long-tails. Bloggers used to actually count 100 words and insert the keyword, count another 100 words and insert the keyword, all the way to the end of the post. Do you really […]

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Linkbaiting Tactics: 20 Tricks To Attract Backlinks

Steven August 25, 2015 No responses SEO 72 views 131 shares

I almost hate using the word “linkbaiting” because many of the tactics bloggers use aren’t really anything special at all, they’re just good, basic blogging tactics. So categorizing them, especially in a category that tends to have such a negative reputation, means a lot of bloggers will ignore their potential because they think it’s something […]

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Interaction & Engagement: Grow Your Blog Community

Steven August 25, 2015 No responses Blogging 163 views 153 shares

Let’s take a look at why it’s important to focus on fostering a meaningful conversation on your blog. And how to actually do it. Two Benefits of Fostering Conversation It adds depth and value to your posts: Readers share all types of information in their comments. This information, even the questions they ask, add more […]

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Disable Comments: Your Blog Will Look A Lot Better

Steven August 24, 2015 19 responses Blogging 308 views 146 shares

I know what you’re thinking – after all the posts I’ve written telling you how to get more comments and how comments are so beneficial, here I am getting ready to tell you why your blog would be better if you disabled comments. What’s up with that?! But, bear with me for a second until […]

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