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Blog Niche Selection: 6 Tactics To Pick The Right Niche

Steven July 25, 2015 2 responses Blogging 342 views

While choosing the right niche certainly isn’t the only thing that makes a successful blog, it’s an important first step. It’s not rocket science, either, like some of those guides make it seem. Here are six basic tactics to help you select a profitable niche for your blog. 1. Your Own Interests While it’s possible […]

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Freelance Blogger: This Is The Best Way To Grow

Steven July 25, 2015 7 responses Blogging 392 views

I know what you’re thinking: You love blogging, you have your own blog, and you have plenty of your own work to do. Why should you even consider becoming a freelance blogger? Here are four reasons why… 1. Additional Income If you enjoy blogging you can pick up extra money writing posts for other blog […]

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Unique Blog: Uncover Your Own Path To Success

Steven July 25, 2015 5 responses Blogging 317 views

If you saw a purple puppy you could easily say, “That purple puppy is unique” because you know for a fact that dogs come in a very limited number of colors and there are no other purple puppies on the planet. But how do you tell a blogger he needs to be “unique” when there […]

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Blog Advertising Audit: Easily Increase Your Revenue

Steven July 25, 2015 No responses Blogging 120 views

You should run an advertising audit on your blog. Why? Well, to increase your ad revenue if you’re using direct ads. No matter what aspect of your blog you’re talking about you should never just set it up and forget it. There’s always room for improvement, all the way down to the tiniest detail. And […]

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Blog Niche Domination: 7 Tactics To Crush Your Competition

Steven July 25, 2015 2 responses Blogging 186 views

Trying to find a niche with no competition? Good luck. But why bother? If there’s a niche out there you’re passionate about, go for it. It’s not how much competition you have, it’s how you compete with the top two or three. You can dominate any niche when you follow these 7 tactics. 1. Monitor […]

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Blog SEO Audit: Review Your Blog For Better Rankings

Steven July 24, 2015 2 responses SEO 309 views

Today’s task is to do a search engine optimization audit on your blog. While you should never rely on one source for all your traffic, it’s a safe bet that most of your traffic, especially in the beginning, is going to come through the search engines. And at least 80 percent of that search engine […]

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Disappearing Act: Getting Nuked From Search Engines

Steven July 24, 2015 No responses SEO 87 views

Every now and then Google puts through one of their major updates and within hours webmasters around the world are crying out in agony. For whatever reason their site has disappeared from the search engines. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, that doesn’t guarantee your safety. Live in fear, grasshopper, live in fear! The […]

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Images SEO: How To Format Your Images Properly

Steven July 24, 2015 One response SEO 217 views

I know, I know, it seems like there’s always just one more thing you need tweak to make your blog more search engine friendly, but it’s worth it if it helps improve your ranking. This time we’re going to talk about formatting the images you put in your posts. Apparently those little Google bots never […]

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Linking Etiquette: The Backlinks Unspoken Rules

Steven July 24, 2015 One response SEO 122 views

I’ve read dozens of articles about why and when you should link to another blog but I’ve never read any that explain how you should do it. Is there such a thing as link etiquette and if so, what is it? After all, your link affects that other blogger, it’s like a handshake or an […]

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Digital Legacy: What Will Your Blogging Legacy Be?

Connor July 24, 2015 No responses Blogging 56 views

People all around are beginning to catch on to what it means to have a digital legacy. It matters when you make a post online, be it a status update or your blog’s next article. There are times when we would truly rather just speak our minds, but are we considering what is being put […]

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