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Growing a Blog: How To Do It Like A Professional?

Steven Sep 1, 2015 8 responses Blogging 162 views 6 shares

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.” Mary didn’t get a beautiful garden just by dropping a few seeds in the ground and leaving the rest up to Mother Nature. If you want your blog to blossom and grow, then […]

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Blog Reinvention: 9 Ways To Start Fresh

Steven Sep 1, 2015 One response Blogging 20 views 233 shares

There comes a time when everybody gets bored with their blog, and that’s usually the time they rush to their favorite registrar and pick out a few domain names. What they fail to realize is that it’s going to take just as much work to start a new blog as it did to start the […]

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Non-Profit Blogging: 5 Reasons Not-For-Profits Should Blog

Steven Sep 1, 2015 3 responses Blogging 21 views 27 shares

I recently volunteered to set up a blog and website for a local church and during the process it occurred to me that all kinds of non-profit organizations could benefit from a blog. Not just churches, but Scout groups, local charities, community organizations and clubs, even schools can benefit. Here are five reasons not-for-profits should […]

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Teen Professional Bloggers: Follow These 6 Rules For Success

Steven Sep 1, 2015 No responses Blogging 26 views 52 shares

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a forum for teen bloggers. The surprising thing was that they were talking statistics, web analysis and monetization methods like seasoned pros and some of them were making a lot more than pocket change. If you’re a teen blogging planning to turn pro, I applaud you and […]

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Blog Spring Cleaning: 11 Steps To Fix Up Your Blog

Steven Sep 1, 2015 2 responses Blogging 30 views 71 shares

It’s Springtime somewhere in the world. (Or maybe it’s Happy Hour somewhere in the world. I always get those two confused.) Anyway, whether it’s Springtime in your neck of the woods or not, if might be time to give your blog a good Spring cleaning. Here’s a list of places to start. 1. Your colors […]

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Unique Product Proposition: Match Your Offer And Audience

Steven Sep 1, 2015 4 responses Blogging 107 views 104 shares

I remember when I first started blogging and everyone said, “You need to start selling your own product!” and I was like, “Product? What product?” Now that I’ve been blogging for a while I see opportunities for “products” all day long, but back then I thought they all meant I needed to line up a […]

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Blogging Financial Prosperity: The Brutal And Honest Truth

Steven Aug 31, 2015 3 responses Blogging 44 views 119 shares

There’s an old saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same. I read an old article on a blog last week that bemoaned the fact that in 2004 most bloggers were blogging for peanuts. We’ve come a long way since 2004, but in some ways, nothing has changed. According to the article, […]

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About Page Conversion: Get More Subscribers, Leads, and Sales

Steven Aug 31, 2015 No responses Internet Marketing 99 views 133 shares

Many bloggers only set up an About page as an afterthought. Someone said, “Hey! You need an About page” so they create one and add a few lines about their blog, their reason for blogging and what they like to do when they’re not blogging. But if you understand the mindset of the visitor who […]

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Guest Post Series: How To Structure It On Your Own Blog

Steven Aug 31, 2015 3 responses Blogging 87 views 134 shares

Running a guest post series can be hugely beneficial for your blog in terms of increased traffic and new subscribers. If you think one influential guest blogger brings in more traffic, wait until you see what happens when he publishes a series of posts on your blog. And you’re also offering something of exceptional value […]

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Guest Post Tactics: These 6 Are Used By A-Listers

Steven Aug 31, 2015 2 responses Blogging 106 views 140 shares

When done properly guest posting can have a powerful impact on your blog. The problem is, most new bloggers spend all their time focusing on finding a blog that accepts guest posts and getting their guest posts approved. But those are just the first two steps, and they’re baby steps, at that. Make huge strides […]

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