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Today we’re going to talk about your newest readers and your oldest content – how to get the two together. Your task today will be to catch new readers up on the basics of your blog.

If you’ve been blogging for a while you tend to forget that all of your readers haven’t been with you from the very beginning. And the longer you blog the more knowledgeable your become about your niche. You may have been blogging for beginners when you started but now you’re an expert and you assume your readers have all grown right along with you.

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But, new readers come to your blog every day. Readers who haven’t seen your content for beginners. They may not understand all your techniques and all your jargon. If you want them to stick around you’re going to have to lead them back to the basics.

Unfortunately, all that basic information is buried somewhere deep in your archives. So how do you hook your newest readers up with your oldest content?

You can create a sneeze page to catch your new readers up on the basics of your blog and nudge them to explore some of your oldest content.

What to include on the page:

About” information: Tell new readers a little about you and your blog – why you started it and what you hope to accomplish.

How to use your blog: Many people are still unfamiliar with how blogs operate. Point out your navigation bar, your category links, your comments, the related content links at the end of your posts and any other special features on your blog. Explain how each of these elements works.

How to subscribe: Explain the benefits of subscribing to your RSS or newsletter and then walk new readers through the sign-up process. Don’t forget to remind them they’re going to have to click on the confirmation link in that first email.

Starting points: Now it’s time to direct new readers to those starting point sneeze pages we talked about last week. Send them to the sneeze page you created for beginners. Send them to your sneeze page that highlights your “Best Of” content, or your most popular content, or pages that explain industry jargon. If you have a “Resources” page, link to that, too.

If you’ve been building internal links all along the way, then linking to this early, basic content will eventually lead your new readers to the content you’ve recently published and they’ll be all caught up with the rest of your readers. Only now they won’t feel like shy beginners, now they’ll be loyal followers.

Go set up a sneeze page to help your new readers catch up with the rest of the pack and don’t forget to highlight it in your sidebar.

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  1. David

    Hi Steven,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. This was the first time I heard the term sneeze page and the concept makes perfect sense. I feel inspired to update my sites resource page today. Thanks for the share!

    1. Hey David, thanks for your comment!

      I’m glad if I introduced you to a new concept and hopefully it will allow your readers to have a better experience with your website…

      Please let me know once you’ll have implemented this advice on your site :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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