Web Directories: Why Bother With Them?

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Web directories have definitely had their time – they’re considered to be “old hat” by a lot of people, obsolete and no longer useful.

I’m not entirely sure however – web directories still bring a lot to the table including SEO benefit and of course click-through traffic. In this article I’m going to put forward a few points for you to consider next time you’re wondering whether or not web directories are worth bothering with any more.

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Four good reasons why you should bother with web directories

  • The SEO benefit they bring can help you edge up the search engine rankings. You probably won’t get to number one for a really competitive term, but as the saying goes: “Every little helps“. Although search engine technicians claim they offer little WordPress SEO benefit, a lot of people would dispute that.
  • Click-through traffic that comes from high quality web directories converts extremely well. Lots of people use web directories instead of search engines still – especially directories like Dmoz and the Yahoo directory.
  • It’s not just about getting people to your website. If you put contact information for your business on directories, this information can also bring in lots of leads. Make sure you put a working telephone number and email address on directories when making your listing – some companies get hundreds of leads each year this way.
  • Big companies still use them. Have a browse through the premium website directories out there – you’ll see that lots of big companies continue to list on them. If big companies see them as being beneficial you know there’s got to be a reason why. If big companies with big marketing budgets spend time adding their sites to website directories, so should you.

Selecting a web directory to add your sites to

When it comes to web directories you will find there are hundreds of thousands of them out there – the vast majority of which are rubbish.

You need to take a little time out to select high quality website directories to submit your sites to.

If you submit sites to low quality directories there’s a chance your search engine rankings could slip as a result.

The chances are that low quality directories won’t send much click-through traffic to your website either – so it really does pay to be picky and only submit your sites to the highest quality web directories out there.

The main drawback to being so selective is the fact that the best directories are all premium, paid for services, with the exception of Dmoz.

The Yahoo directory and Best of the Web are regarded as the two best web directories on the internet, but they’re not cheap to list on.

I’ve laid out some clear points on why I think everyone should bother with website directories, so now it’s up to you to make a decision of whether the time and money spent entering your sites on web directories will be time and money well spent.

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