Visitors & Fans: 10 Ways to Convert Your Visitors Into Fans

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With so many blogs on the Internet why should someone choose yours? We all know you’re going to get a certain number of visitors through the search engines and that’s a good thing. But how do you turn those one-time-only visitors into dedicated readers, people that come back to your blog every time you post something new?

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Provide Your Unique Viewpoint

There are about fifty-eleven bajillion blogs about Cupcakes on the Internet yet each of them has its own group of loyal followers who wouldn’t even think about visiting another cupcake blog. But there are only so many cupcake recipes to go around. How do these blogs attract followers and keep them coming back for more? Each has its own unique viewpoint.

How do you make your cupcake batter? What secret ingredient do you use? What special tools are hidden in your kitchen cupboards? While some of your readers are first-time cupcake makers, some already know how and now they’re looking for unique ideas and cupcake making tips. See what your competitors are doing and do something different.

Quality, Always Quality

Never publish a blog post that isn’t up to your quality standards, even if it means you have to skip a day. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and the day you publish that sub-par post will be the day thousands of people suddenly discover your blog.

Eliminate Distractions

I’ve mentioned before that you need to make it easy for your readers to find your RSS button or your opt-in form to subscribe to your blog. To do that, make those elements bold and easy to see and eliminate buttons and banners that might be a distraction.

Tell Them To Subscribe

Dedicate one or two posts a month and tell your readers the benefits of subscribing to your blog. Then – tell them to subscribe. Believe it or not, a lot of your readers have no idea how to bookmark your blog, how to subscribe to your RSS feed or even what an RSS feed is. Tell them. And then take them by the hand and lead them to the button or form and tell them to do it.

Be Yourself

It’s not possible to make everyone who uses the Internet love you so don’t waste the time and effort trying to be someone you’re not. You’re still going to have people who don’t like you. And when those people who do follow your blog find out what a phony you are – and they will – they’re not going to like you either. Just be yourself.

Talk To Your Reader Individually

So many bloggers like to hide behind the word “We.” “WE, here at the cupcake blog…” or “Contact US for more information.” And they like to address there audience as a group: “We’re sure you’re all wondering…” or “We came across a new recipe you’re all going to love.

Address your readers one-on-one. Give them you’re undivided attention and make each one feel special. “I have a secret for YOU!” makes each reader, no matter how many there are, sit up and take notice.

Stay Relevant

No matter how tempting it is to talk about the pot roast you made for dinner last night, your readers are here for cupcake information. Stay on topic.

Be Consistent

Be consistent. Each day thousands of new blogs pop up and thousands more fizzle and die. Your readers see it happen every day. Blog consistently so readers can see you intent to be one of the survivors and they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your blog.

Create Remarkable Content

Always be remarkable. So what if it’s the same cupcake recipe seen on 15 other blogs. Do something remarkable and you’ll gather a loyal following.

Be Fascinating

Fascinating content is the kind of content that makes your readers sit back and say, “My goodness! I never thought of that. That’s fascinating!” Fascinating content gives your readers something new to think about, and it really makes them think. And if they find your content thought provoking, instead of the same old ho-hum stuff they can find anywhere else, they’ll become dedicated readers who’ll follow you anywhere.

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  1. Matthew

    Hi Steven – Thanks for the post. It’s a great overview of what it takes to create great content, and build and maintain a loyal following.


    1. Hey Matthew, thank you for the comment on this post! Great content is the key to get a regular following… More value = More followers

  2. Jon

    Thanks for a good article full of important reminders. I think you’re spot on about RSS, people don’t really understand how to – or why. What do you think is the best reason for why somebody should subscribe (rather than just visit or follow all your tweets)?

    1. You’re welcome Jon! I’m always glad if I can be of any help. Well, for a blogger, I think that a person who has is RSS reader opened all day long is quite valuable. However, if that person just keeps Twitter opens all day long, it might be better to focus on Twitter. It all depends on the kind of involvement from your following you are looking for…

  3. Stacie Walker

    Hi Steven,

    If we follow every single suggestion provided in this post, then we should have no problem converting visitors into paying customers. Thanks for sharing your success secrets.

    Stacie Walker

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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