Visitors’ Desire: Use Their Dreams To Push Them To Take Action

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You’ve brought the reader right up to the very edge.

You started with an attention-grabbing title, which led to an opening paragraph that really snagged their interest, and then you presented a convincing reason to take that desired action.

Now what?

What’s keeping your reader from following through?

He knows you’re right, but he doesn’t want it bad enough.

You have to make him desire it.

Wants, needs and desires are all different things. You want to lose weight so you’ll look better. You need to lose weight so you’ll feel better. You realize the benefits of losing weight, but at this point, it’s not quite worth the effort.

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A desire is much more powerful than a need or a want. Desire enters the picture when there’s a negative result if you don’t take action. For example, if you lose weight you’ll look better and you won’t be the laughing stock at your high school reunion.

Pointing out the benefits of taking an action gives your reader a compelling reason to follow through. Pointing out the negative things that will happen if he doesn’t take action, takes the reader beyond being “convinced” and turns him into an action-taker.

How To Generate Desire

Drive Home The Benefits: After you’re presented your convincing argument, re-emphasize the benefits of taking action to really drive your point home.

Show Them The Results If They Don’t Act

The people who produce those infomercials really know what they’re doing. They show a picture of a person who really needs to lose weight and get in shape. Then they show you an “after” picture to show you how well their product works.

What they don’t tell you is that they choose the most out-of-shape people they can for those “before” pictures to emphasize what you’re going to look like if you don’t take action right now.

Creating an image of how much more horrible things will be if you stay sitting there on that fence is the best way to get your readers to take action.

Compare Results To Make An Impact

You’ll also notice that somewhere during that infomercial they switch the order of the before and after pictures. They show you what the person looks like now, after using the weight loss or fitness product, and then they show you the “before” picture – and then they show you both pictures, side by side.

In other words – This is what she looks like now, but this is what she looked like before she took action, and look at this comparison. Why would anyone choose not to buy this product?

Show Them How It Impacts Their Life

To make an even greater impact, show your reader the long-term benefits of taking action and make it personal. Tell them if they take this action it will solve this problem and here’s how it will make their life better.

For example, “When you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll learn everything you need to know to build a successful blogging business and your dreams of financial security will become reality.

Now that’s we’ve covered this aspect of persuasive blogging, apply these techniques to your next blog post and then come back here and share your results in the comments.

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