Vision: Have One Instead of Acting Opportunistically

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I can’t tell you how many domain names I’ve bought since I’ve been blogging. And how many blogs I’ve set up, only to let them dry up and blow away. When you work online it’s easy to see all these trendy marketing ideas pop up and you just want to “Act Fast!” while they’re still hot. But it’s much better if you have a vision for your business instead of acting opportunistically.

ideas matter more than you think

The Internet marketplace is big. It’s bigger than any other marketplace you can imagine. Because of its enormous size, if you want to make a splash you need to think big, too.

And because there’s so much happening all the time in the Internet marketplace you’re going to be tempted to try new business models, promote hot new products, or set up pretty new blogs. Don’t worry. I happens to the best of us.

Your goal right now might be just to start making some money with an affiliate niche blog, and that’s fine. You’ll learn a lot about blogging and marketing along the way.

But you also need to be realistic. How much money do you make off of each sale? How many sales can you realistically expect in a month? And how much traffic would you have to generate to make that full-time income you’ve been dreaming of?

In the beginning you’re just going to be worried about learning the mechanics of blogging. But soon it becomes time to start visualizing your business. You might even realize that you need to start all over from scratch. But that’s OK. What’s important is that you realize you need to have a plan and change direction.

A well-rounded online business usually focuses more on building a brand, under which you market a wide variety of products and services. For instance, take a look at the Pepsi brand. When you see the word “Pepsi” you think “soda and beverages” but the Pepsi company sells so much more. Their reach extends into a wide variety of markets.

That extended reach is what makes the company as a whole so strong and profitable. When one trend starts to fade another rises so they always have products and services that fit the current market demands.

You’re probably pretty proud of that little niche blog making $100 a month, but is that all you really want out of your business? And adding more niche blogs isn’t necessarily the best answer. At that rate, in order to make $1,000 a month you’d have to have 10 blogs. You already know how much time and effort it takes to run one blog effectively. Multiply that by 10 and you can see there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Acting opportunistically every time you spot a new trend just takes valuable time away from the work you could be doing building up the business you’ve already started. Instead, work on building a brand around your blog. As your brand grows you can be like Pepsi and start adding in more products and services under your brand umbrella.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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