Video Marketing Advantages: Don’t Miss Your Chance

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Video marketing is one of the less popular ways in which people market a website. It’s a shame that video marketing isn’t as popular as other things like guest blogging or article marketing, because it really can be a very powerful tool. The thing that puts people off video marketing has to be the fact that a video must be created in the first place – for those who aren’t perhaps “tech-savvy“, it can be a daunting task.

video marketing

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Having a video made

In order to have a successful marketing campaign, you’re going to need a video! If you’re handy with a camera you might want to think about making your own video, if you’re not, then why not outsource it instead? Sometimes people don’t opt for film style videos at all, they opt for a slide show or something similar – it really is up to you.

Make sure the video that you make is informative, entertaining, and maybe even a little big edgy. Make sure the video talks about your website and tells viewers exactly what they’re missing out on if they don’t visit your site right away. Remember if your video is poorly shot and looks rubbish, viewers won’t click through to your site. Your video really needs to capture their attention and make them want to act.

Make use of the backlinks

A few backlinks never hurt anyone, and the great thing about video marketing is that you can generate some very valuable backlinks by putting the URL of your site in the video description. If you fail to put backlinks in the description you’re definitely missing out on a big opportunity – because not only will it help in terms of SEO, it’ll also help generate traffic directly from video sites because users who read the description will be inclined to click through to your site too.

Rank your video in Google

Google loves videos – especially YouTube videos, as Google owns YouTube. If possible you should think about ranking your video in Google for some keywords related to your website. Your video will act as a traffic funnel, and could send a lot of valuable traffic through to your website.

The holy grail of video marketing

The holy grail of any kind of marketing is to “go viral” – as it the holy grail of video marketing. The idea of going viral is simple; a few people see your video and like it, they then pass it on to their friends who pass it on in turn – kind of like a snowball effect. In the end, your video can end up being seen by thousands or even millions of people in a very short space of time.

Of course the ratio of videos that go viral is very, very low, so you really need to do something very special in order to create this effect. Some people try hard to make their videos go viral with no success – there are no clear metrics as to what does and doesn’t make a video go viral, so don’t try too hard.

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  1. Jacob Curtis

    You can also submit a video sitemap to webmaster tools for added exposure! Google sure does love videos!

    1. That’s indeed a very good piece of advice. Thanks Jacob!

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