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True Profits Uncovered: 2 Months Old Blog Making 5 Figures

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Today I checked my earnings stats for the first time in three weeks. I didn’t keep an eye on my stats during the month because I wanted to focus on creating valuable content for my readers, and build strong relationships with other bloggers in order to get some new links to Dukeo and develop the brand.

When I opened my Stats Software, I couldn’t believe what I saw! After only 2 months of existence, Dukeo has been able to reach the 5 figures income bar! This a thrilling progression!

To be honest, when I launched Dukeo, I didn’t think that I would be able to hit this kind of earnings after such a short period of time. This blog is the living proof that with hard work and dedication, you can reach your goals, whatever they may be!

Right now I need to clear my head and to get the exact numbers in order to share them with you. I should be able to post a complete earnings report later today. Keep your eyes open!

Update: Happy April Fools Day! ;)

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  1. First Website

    Yeah.. sure… This sounds so unreal that i’m pretty sure that’s not true ;)

  2. Please tell me again, what day is it today?

  3. Kate Kutny


    Congrats. I give you much respect. I really look up to you!

    1. I wish it was true :) I’ll be posting my real earnings report within a week.