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The Challenges of Multi-Author Blogs

Steven January 19, 2013 2 responses Blogging 11 views

Multi-author blogs are becoming more and more prevalent as bloggers learn the value of collaboration. If you’ve been thinking about opening up your own blog to other authors then you probably already understand the benefits. While two heads – or more – are always better than one, there are some challenges to mutli-author blogs that you should be aware of.

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Content Quality

Up to this point you’ve been the only one writing for your blog so you haven’t had to worry about writing styles. Obviously, you’re doing just fine or you wouldn’t be considering taking on additional bloggers. In the beginning, quality will be a challenge whether you bring on an experienced blogger or a newbie. It’s going to take some time for them to learn what you and your readers are both looking for. Understand that going into it and be prepared to work with your new authors.


Additionally, you’ll be concerned about what these new voices are going to do to your blog’s brand. Your readers have become comfortable with you and your message and now you’re throwing someone else into the mix. You can head this off by introducing your new authors as they come on board. Let your readers know who they are, why you value their opinion, and what they’re going to be bringing to the blog. Instead of diluting your brand, you’ll be adding that much more value.


With several writers on board it’s easy for any blog to lose focus. Don’t just look at your bloggers as content providers. Work with them, develop a relationship and share your vision. You won’t be doing them or yourself any good if you’re not all pulling in the same direction.


Which brings us to ownership. Adding additional writers is great but unless you give them a reason to care about your blog they’re not really going to be concerned about the quality of their writing. Don’t get me wrong – they’ll probably give it their best shot, for a while. Then they’ll slowly drift away to other more lucrative projects.

You want your authors to all be working in the same direction and sharing in promoting the entire blog, not just their own articles. If you can afford to pay these authors, so much the better. If not, allow them to use their own Adsense code on their posts, or let them use an affiliate link – find something to give them a reason to care about your blog as something other than a link-building opportunity.


You’ll probably want to edit the content before it goes live so you can add internal links and images, and check spelling and grammar. You’ll also have more comments to monitor, more email, and more promotion. Understand that once your blog starts pulling in large traffic numbers you may have to take on an editor.

Web Hosting

If you’re considering a multi-author blog then you probably already have some good traffic coming in. Adding additional bloggers, along with their own respective followers, will substantially increase your blog’s traffic. Make sure you have a good hosting plan that can handle it. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and cooperation to get started and it would be a shame to have your blog crash just when it starts taking off.

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  1. Dax Nair

    As someone who occasionally blogs for work and also runs a personal blog for fun, your observations resonate with me. I find that too many bloggers tend to dilute the brand and take it off-topic…

    1. Steven

      That’s really the tricky part with multi-author blogs. It’s easy for each author to go in their own direction and kind of lose the readership in the process.

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