Stats Junky: Quit Being An Addict And Grow Your Blog


You’ve created a blog and employed a way to keep up with your stats. It can be quite addictive to watch those stats rise and fall, sometimes by the hour. The problem is that being addicted to stats can have an adverse affect on your blog. This is because you are spending your time and energy on the wrong things instead of working on what you need to do to achieve your goals. If you have found yourself to be a stats junkie, it is time to back off. Stop looking at stats and determine how you can grow your blog instead.

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stats junky grow your blog

The simple fact is that the stats are the wrong thing to pay attention to. You can watch every day at how much traffic is coming to your blog, what they are reading and how long they stay; but it will not change things. It is nice to have an idea of what people find the most useful and valuable about your blog, but you need a bit more than that. When you spend your days poring over the stats you are putting your priorities on something that will continue to fluctuate for the life of your blog.

Instead of focusing on that, you need to find out what can make your blog successful. It will never be the amount of people that visit your blog randomly. It will instead be those that choose to stay, subscribe, join the mailing list and potentially purchase things from you. These are the people you need to focus on. That is why conversions matter much more than stats ever will. The conversions are the ones that will bring in money and help your blog success rise. Stats are merely a nice tool for tracking visitors.

This means that you should put the energy you have spent on stats into conversions. What can you do to make people subscribe? How can you get them to join the mailing list? What do you have to offer that will entice them? These are the things that should be considered first and foremost. Once you have the answers to these questions you will be on your way to having the successful site you want. Focusing on making those conversions will give you long-term readers and customers where stats can be someone that will never go to your site again.

It is easy to become a stats junkie. Seeing what brings people to your site, how long they stay and what they prefer can be beneficial. It is good not to ignore these facts. However, it is also good not to obsess over them. Take that focus and put it into what matters. Grow your blog. Then you will have unlimited income potential and a faithful community that views you as an authority on your niche. That is worth far more than any stats can ever provide to you and will go a long way towards your future success.

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