Social Media Anxiety: 5 Tips to Overcome It

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Social media anxiety prevented me from growing my online ventures for many months.

Sure I have 5,000 Facebook friends and over 24,000 twitter followers but I could have reached these numbers more quickly if I addressed my worries around networking on sites like Facebook and twitter.

I recall a few distinct situations where I reacted poorly to angry, unhappy individuals who tried to fight me, or tweak me, on multiple social sites. I remember folks who criticized me on twitter or who fought me on Facebook and instead of responding in a civil manner I engaged these individuals.

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I was a fool, of course, because engaging a charging bull only increases your worries around any situation. I found that these folks chased me on social networks and of course increased my social media anxiety quickly.

social media anxiety

Commit to releasing any worries by being honest with yourself. I feared running into any resistance so naturally, I put my networking campaign on ice as I hid out in the background. Doing this prevented my online growth in a big, negative way. I simply was terrified to run into people with differing opinions but I never identified the fear, or more importantly, the anxiety attached to this intense fear.

Be honest and truthful with any social media anxiety or fears you might posses in order to heal yourself quickly.

Social Media Anxiety Management

Conquer your social anxiety by simply deciding to use effective, proven worry-killing anxieties each day. Once you attack your fears the low energies die a quick death.

I learned this by diving into social and not engaging individuals who wished to start fights with me. I hated not proving myself right but when I released on this nasty, low energy, destructive urge I found that my job as a social user became easier.

I avoided fights, stopped making enemies and gained greater clarity in everything I did. If you too can release the need to be right, or to be popular, you can ease your social media anxiety quickly.

1. Unplug for Extended Periods

Unplug for hours each day and do not look at social sites at least once weekly to ease your social media anxiety. Contrary to beliefs that social media causes anxiety you are the root of your problems. If you want to kick your anxiety to the curb reduce the time you spend on sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Virtually every person who over uses social sites experiences some mental issues in regard to their usage. If you wish to improve your condition simply pull back from sites to develop a more positive mindset. You need to dissolve your attachment to checking your metrics, or your inbox, or @replies on these websites each 1 to 2 hours.

Taking breaks helps you clear your mind. Pulling back also improves the overall effectiveness of your social media campaign. If you believe in ideas like social media disorder think long and hard about these diagnoses; you simply need to stop spending so much time on social sites to detach from the networks and rest your overworked mind.

Many bloggers offer tips for how to deal with social media and stress but taking the simple step of pulling back from your work can clear your mind quickly and ease your worries.

Social network anxiety can vanish instantly after 1 full day spent away from your laptop.

2. Never Join Low Energy Groups

If you wish to know how to calm social anxiety try connecting with individuals on high energy Facebook or LinkedIn Groups. Most people who have negative experiences with social media find themselves fighting with trolls, individuals whose sole purpose is to agitate people online.

Avoiding groups or Google Plus Communities which promote troll-like behavior helps you connect with positive people in a high energy, supportive and uplifting forum which quells any worries around your social campaigns.

When attempting to discern how social networking causes anxiety you quickly see who you choose to connect with influences how you feel. Join only high energy groups and provide the network with only positive, uplifting updates, despite your niche, to feel better about yourself and improve your overall social experience.

You can ease much social media anxiety by simply acting nice and connecting with kind, inspirational people. Devoting your energy to these endeavors makes your job so much easier.

Trolls are waiting in the shadows so decide now to avoid any group or social network where members like to fight or post long-winded negative posts, never letting go the need to be right. Save yourself year’s worth of headaches and ease your social media anxiety by releasing these negative people for good.

3. Dive Right In

I feared networking on social sites for many months before I decided to dive right in and work these networks. If you dive in you can cut directly through any worries surrounding your online activities. My mistake was waiting to network; the social media holding pattern I was in caused my deep-rooted fears to grow so big that I delayed my aggressive marketing campaign.

You can only release heavy, deep and overpowering fears quickly by diving into an ambitious marketing campaign.

Meet people each day at an increasing clip to open yourself to criticism and different opinions. I hated criticism in the past, and although I do not like negative criticism now I have developed a healthy appreciation for dealing with folks who lack clarity in their lives.

4. Change Your Perception

I can laugh more now and worry less about people who offer negative feedback because I no longer worry about what they think of me. I quelled my social media anxiety in this area by simply meeting more people and observing various opinions surrounding my work.

Meet as many people as possible each day. I like networking aggressively on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and twitter in order to meet many people and expose myself to new individuals who provide me with wonderful feedback about myself.

Whatever you learn about other people’s reactions to you, you simply learn about yourself. How you choose to perceive these differing opinions helps you see where you need to find greater clarity in your life.

5. Work on Your Mental Tools

Social media anxiety sufferers need to improve their mindset through strict mental due diligence performed each day. By meditating, visualizing and affirming your way into a new frame of mind you can more easily dissolve the worries you might possess concerning social networks.

Many otherwise intelligent Facebook users or twitter networkers never spend a second on improving their mindset and wonder why they still carry social media anxiety. You cannot solve a problem until you can identify the problem and identifying the problem forces you to expand your awareness around this issue.

I liked to con myself into believing that I was some bold and brave social user but my social media anxiety crippled me in certain situations. After working on my mindset for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day I found out that past experiences pushed me to hide away from my buddies and from meeting new individuals.

I remembered one person who followed me around like a puppy dog, criticizing me for choosing my business. He would post comments not even seconds after I posted new status updates. The person was sick, worried and unhappy, and projected their misery on me, but I did not realize this at the time and simply fought the individual.

6. Choose a Positive Mentor

Choosing a positive mentor can help you dissolve social media anxiety quickly because you will not move into actions which grow your worries. Pros know how to effectively work social sites while gliding past the stresses which affect most social users.

Example; you might observe many users who debate each other for hours on end, trying to be right, trying to come out on top, and effectively boosting their levels of anxiety. Some people claim to love a good debate but most social media users simply cannot handle these long-winded arguments.

Many coaches would advise against engaging in such debates beyond 1 or 2 exchanges. You can make your point, respect another person’s opinion and simply leave the discussion at that to quell your social media anxiety. Fools debate for hours, trying to prove their point, checking Facebook or LinkedIn, or their email for replies to their last argument, all the while increasing their worries around the discussion.

This phenomena grips many newbie social users who never had to deal with people who disagree with them. Once you post your blog or business site on Facebook for the first time many people tend to vibe with your offering but a few individuals are likely to criticize you for your viewpoint.

A coach can save you a tremendous amount of social media anxiety by teaching you how to deal with these unclear people.

What’s your take on Social Media Anxiety?

Do you suffer from social media anxiety? Why?

How can you better deal with social media anxiety?

What tips or strategies can you add to this list?

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  1. Great article – thanks for posting. Always looking for tips and encouragement when it comes to social media marketing. I was thinking about getting a mentor and felt like it was a bit excessive. After reading this, I’m going for it.

    1. It makes total sense, really. Having a leader to lead you saves you year’s worth of struggle, heartache and frustration.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us! Please do come back and comment.


  2. Nwosu Desmond

    i totally agree with the perspective point above. Most people find it very difficult to deal with negative feedback but until you start getting some then you will know you have been spotted. I will prefer knowing what people really think about me to use it in becoming better for myself and my job. So go on tell me what you sincerely think about me or my job.

    1. Well said Nwosu! By introducing yourself to others and being “on the radar” you can only improve yourself in any endeavor.

      I liked being off the grid but it put little money in my pocket lol….


  3. Giriraj

    Social Media has became an addiction these days. The time I get up from my bed I check my Facebook status. It certainly reduces your mental caliber. These tips are quiet handy to follow.

    Thanks Ryan

    1. Yep buddy so key to release the attachment to quell any anxieties surrounding social stuff.

      Taking frequent breaks will help you a great deal in this area; helps you see where you might be attached.


  4. Great post Ryan :)

    I always try to learn the new stuffs which are suggested by you to do better blogging and the same from here too.

    Yeah, as am having too much of friends and followers, its really hard to handle them all.

    But will try to implement your tactics to manage all.

    Keep sharing your effective blogging tips for us :)

    1. Yes it can be tough Nirmala, simply having a huge friend network can be empowering but also taxing.

      Try using these tips on a daily basis and do let me know how they work for you, OK?

      Thanks for sharing!

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