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There are times when you need that long blog post but to be honest, I generally don’t like them a bit. I don’t like writing them and I definitely don’t like reading them and I think the idea that they’re “bookmarkable” or “sharable” is poppycock. Give me a powerful short post and I’ll follow your blog forever.

powerful short posts

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Why Powerful Short Posts Are Better

Visitors type one search term into their search engine which means they want the answer to one question. Readers also have a very short attention span. If they don’t immediately find that answer when they hit your page they’re going to click away. Burying that answer in a long blog post almost guarantees the reader isn’t going to take the time to search for it and if they’re not happy when they leave your blog they’re not going to come back.

How To Write A Powerful Short Post

Write your title first: If you just start with an idea you’re more likely to start rambling because you don’t really have a particular direction in mind. This leads to those long blog posts. They may be packed with information but it’s just too much for the reader to absorb in one sitting. And a lot of that information might be unnecessary.

Writing your title first help you define exactly what you want to say in your article and helps you stay focused on the key message.

Use one keyword and answer one question: That’s how people search for information so it only makes sense that you deliver what they’re looking for. I know we talk about the importance of over-delivering but there’s a point where can deliver too much.

For example, let’s say your title is “How To Train You Puppy To Sit On Command.” That’s the keyphrase the searcher used to find your blog and that’s the only information they’re looking for. It might be tempting to over-deliver and tell them about the different dog treats you use for training, including the price and ingredient information, and where they can find special colors and leashes, but that’s not what the reader is asking. All they want to know is how to train their puppy to sit on command. Period.

By giving them all of that other information mixed into your article you’re forcing them to dig for the answer and most readers just aren’t going to do that.

Use Relevant Links

Stick to the topic at hand a include links to relevant articles in the body and at the end of your post. Let readers decide for themselves if they need that additional information. And if you don’t already have that content on your blog – write it as a new blog post. If fill your blog with short, powerful posts and create a strong internal linking structure your readers will easily be able to find all the information they need – when they’re ready to find it.

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  1. Andreas Janke

    Thank you for reminding us of the basics of writing. Getting it short is the hardest work in my opinion. I’m always struggling with this part of the process both in printed and in electronic media.

    1. Sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics.

  2. Angelique

    Great idea. I admit I need to work on my ability to create short, succinct posts. I think it’s important to mix it up.

    I noticed that 3 out of 4 of your Featured Posts in your sidebar are 6000+ words.

    So it’s ironic that you say “I don’t like writing them and I definitely don’t like reading them”.


    1. Hey Angelique, keep in mind that these 3 posts are out of 1500+ posts that I published on Dukeo…

  3. Janbierens

    You nailed it. I guess you know ‘less is more’ and that certainly goes for blog posts.
    I always put a lot of work in trying to come up with a catchy post title, containing the main keyword. Usually an intro, main story and then an ending.

    1. For sure, I know about “less is more”. There is no need to write an arm-long article if you can say the exact same thing in 200 words!

  4. Julia Spencer

    I agree with you completely. I think that if the post is too long, than probably not everyone will read it till the end. As for me personally, then I perceive information better when it is written in a short form

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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