SEO Mistakes: This Top 7 Will Kill Your Blog

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People have written entire books about search engine optimization and for every single ‘Best Tip’ you see there are 5 or 6 more that would work just as well. Everyone has their own method for optimizing their site and there really is no set rule of thumb. However, there are certain things you shouldn’t do and even the most experienced among us can slip up every now and then. Here are the top 7 WordPress SEO mistakes that will kill your blog. Add them to your list of things NOT to do.

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seo mistakes that will kill your blog

Waiting to start until you ‘have something to optimize’

Everyone seems to agree that without search engine optimization all you’re really doing is blogging into cyberspace. Why even bother? Yet you wouldn’t believe the number of webmasters who decide to wait until they’re blog’s ‘established’ before they start worrying about SEO. Understand something right now – your blog will never be ‘established’ without SEO. If you don’t optimize your site for the search engines, it doesn’t matter how much content you have or how great that content is, no one will be able to find it. And without traffic, your blog is not ‘established.’

Not researching keywords

Keywords are to SEO like air is to human beings. Without air, we cease to exist. Without keywords, you have no search engine optimization. If you use the wrong keywords, you still have no SEO. SEO means you’re making it easy for the people who need your information to find it. That means, if you’re providing information on Dog Training, you need to use keywords like ‘housebreak your puppy’ or ‘teach your dog to sit’. Terms that people are looking for relevant to dog training. Using keywords like ‘dog food’ or ‘dog collars’ won’t attract people who are looking for dog training information and if that’s what you’re trying to sell, good luck. The people who come to YOUR blog want to buy dog collars and dog food!

Using free web hosting

There are millions of people out there setting up blogs on free hosting sites like and These are perfectly fine if all you want to do is keep your family updated on your wedding plans. But if you want to add plug-ins to enhance your SEO, you’re out of luck. You’re also limited in what you can do to monetize these free sites. Ante up for your own hosting so you own your domain and so you can tweak your SEO.

Not using anchor text for link building

It’s imperative that you use keywords when creating anchor text backlinks. And those words should be relevant to the content your linking from and the content you’re linking to. The words ‘Click Here’ are not keywords. Do a Google search on click here and you’ll see a few billion results. It’s the most commonly used ‘keyword’ on the web! Vary your keyword usage, too, so you can spread the link juice around.

All links point to the home page

Look at a few resource boxes at some of the article directories and you’ll see that most webmasters are linking to their home page. Period. That’s all well and good because it does help you ranking. But use some of those links to pull up some of the pillar post content you have on your site. As those pages rise, they’ll also help pull up the deeper content on your site that you’ve internally linked to the pillar posts.

Use keywords between H1 tags

A lot of people think that using H1 tags will help improve your rankings. But it’s not the tags themselves that do it – it’s the keywords you use in those headings. Go back to that dog training site and put the words ‘cheeseburger and fries’ inside some H1 tags and trust me, you’re not going to rank.

Using the Broad Match option on the Google Keyword Tool

One key mistake that’s usually just an oversite is to use the Google Keyword Tool and leave it on the ‘Broad Match’ setting. Instead of seeing the results for ‘cat’ you’re seeing the results for every search that includes the word cat – black cat, tabby cat, cat calls, etc. Switch over to ‘Exact Match’ to get more specific results.

And don’t worry. These top 7 SEO mistakes show up on blogs all across Cyberspace. As long as you catch them and make the correction, your blog will live long and prosper.

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    I definitely agree that working on SEO right out the gate when you’re building your blog is critical. The great thing is that there are a TON of SEO plugins for WordPress you can install immediately and it only takes a few minutes.

    When I was attending Affiliate Summit Central last week I had the opportunity to speak with some of the web’s top SEOs and one thing that was brought to my attention that I had not though of before was having too many backlinks with the same anchor text. It’s important to not only get deep links, but to make sure not all of your backlinks have same anchor. I’ve made this mistake with my blog and I’m working to get more variations in my anchor text :)

  2. Melissa

    I have already heard such thoughts as “SEO is dead” and there is no necessity in it. I don’t agree with this statement, and what about you?

    1. Joseph

      Hi Melissa, SEO is in many ways about change and the only thing I can say about the thoughts of it being dead is that it have been greatly exaggerated.


  3. David

    With all of the google changes recently and in the past, it seems like it is more prudent to focus on the on-page SEO stuff the most and not worry too much about building back links.

    Perhaps it is best to let them happen naturally. I think that a lot of black hat SEO people will laugh at my statement.

    However, I think that if you spend a lot of time building something, it isn’t right that it can be so easily crushed.

    1. Dmitriy

      I absolutely agree with you, David. Natural is always better than unnatural.
      It’s better to prepare ourselves to new changes and focus on internal SEO rather than external.

    2. Joseph

      Hi David, I very much agree with you that on-page SEO stuff matters most than building back links. I also like your idea that a lot of black hat SEO people will laugh at you for that statement.

  4. Dmitriy

    I agree that anchor text is very important. But it must be natural, that is relevant to other content of the page. Search algorithms become smarter. Soon they will be like humans and will be able to distinguish content that is optimized for search engines from that which is optimized for people.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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