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Changes in consumer habits and the development of new technologies lead all businesses to need an online presence in order to increase sales. However, such sales can occur only when potential customers visit the website. For this to happen, businesses need to have a SEO link building strategy to ensure high rankings in search engine results.

Any attempt at effective SEO link building needs to keep this goal of increasing sales at the forefront. Search engines use algorithms to rank various websites to ensure that the results they provide are relevant to the users. To effectively use SEO link building to improve search engine rankings, the first step is to understand the way search engine algorithms work.

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1. Search Engine Algorithms

Search engine algorithms are being constantly refined to ensure that the results they provide for a search are relevant. For this the algorithms use a combination of keywords and links and their frequency of occurrence (among other signals) to rank a website or webpage. Search engines analyze the number of web pages that link back to a site in order to gauge its popularity and importance.

However, search engines do not just measure numbers; they also take into account the relevance and trust value of the linking pages to the keywords and phrases. The higher the trust value and ranking of the linking page, the higher the search engine will rank the new page.

Search engine algorithms also take into account the freshness of a page’s content as well as the freshness of links when ranking a webpage.

2. Link Building Basics

The algorithm used by most search engines to rank web pages needs to be factored into the link building campaign to ensure a higher ranking. Links are essentially the way in which one website calls the attention of the visitor to content in another website or page. This is done because the first website or its webmaster assumes that the information provided in the new webpage is likely to be relevant to the visitor.

In order to obtain links, the webmaster needs to persuade the webmaster of the other page to include a link.

Many link building services use this feature of a search engine algorithm by asking webmasters to place links on the sidebar or bottom of the page. However, most search engine algorithms are programmed to spot these sitewide links and give them little to no value: the page ranking will not improve. On the other hand, search engine algorithms consider links that are part of the content as an indicator of genuine connections and, therefore, take these into account when deciding on page rankings.

3. Need for SEO Link Building

Given the way search engine algorithms rank web pages, businesses need to ensure that their web pages are ranked high for relevant keyword searches to garner sufficient visitors. This can only be done by taking active measures toward SEO link building. As there is a plethora of content on the web, even sterling content cannot be accessed by an interested user unless link building steps are taken to ensure that the webpage is noticed first by the search engines and then the target audience.

4. Link Building Options

A business can pursue two different options for SEO link building packages – paid link building and natural link building.

4a. Paid Link Building

Paid link building involves paying blogs, websites, and others to place links to your website or page. However, most search engines are against this practice and are likely to penalize your page by demoting it if they find out that you have used paid link building. Search engines are likely to suspect paid link building when a webpage suddenly acquires a large number of links, especially to pages with a low trust ranking.

4b. Natural SEO Link Building

You can also increase the webpage ranking by using a natural link building system. This is more time consuming and costs a lot more since it requires high quality, relevant content. However, the time and effort expended in this pays off in the long term as the content is relevant for longer and can be used to convert visitors to customers.

When aiming to improve ranking using the natural SEO link building technique, you need to work backwards. The first step is to identify the sites which you want to provide links to your page. These sites should be related to your industry but not your competitors. They should also have a high search engine ranking.

The second step is to study the content provided by these sites and create content that is relevant to both their business and yours. If the content you have created complements their business, they can then be contacted with a link request.

The longer time needed to build a natural link has the additional advantage of ensuring that search engines are not suspicious of any sudden increase in link building activities.

5. Relevant Links

Another advantage of using relevant sites for SEO link building is that the traffic obtained is superior. For you to increase sales you need web traffic from people who are predisposed to make a purchase of the products you are selling. This is more likely if the content you provide and the links you have obtained are related to the industry you operate in and otherwise relevant to the product you sell.

This additional advantage of greater potential sales means that natural SEO link building offers better returns than using paid links. In terms of every dollar spent, natural link building is likely to offer a higher percentage increase in sales, making the website, the link building, and your business more profitable.

6. Importance of Content in Link Building

When you plan an SEO link building campaign to increase the search engine ranking of your webpage, the quality of content has to be kept in mind. This is because, natural or organic link building is possible only when you contribute new information or offer a fresh perspective. You will be unable to obtain link partners if the content your offer is irrelevant, stale, or poorly presented.

6a. Continual Content Development

SEO link building to improve and retain search engine rankings is not a one-time activity. This is because other businesses are also constantly trying to improve their page rankings and search engine algorithms place importance on the freshness of content and new buildinglink activity when assigning a rank.

To effectively use SEO link building to improve webpage ranking, you need to post new content on a continual basis. This content has to be relevant and presented in an engaging manner. Additionally, each webpage and its content has to be written with a potential linking partner in mind to help increase the visibility of the website and the business.

For this you need to keep abreast of developments that affect your business and present this new information in a manner that holds the interest of the audience and increases sales.

New research, developments in politics or science, as well as entertainment news can all be presented with a tweak that makes it relevant to the product you are selling.

Another salient way to make content for SEO link building interesting is to use info graphics. These charts and graphs can be made colorful and provide a fresh perspective in an easy to grasp manner to hold audience interest.

7. Integrating Link Building with Sales

Another important aspect of SEO link building strategy is the importance of retaining the focus on sales. This can be achieved by ensuring that the content created to attract visitors and encourage links is also relevant to customers. The content should include product features as well as new and exciting information that the users of the product will benefit from.

For instance, if your business is into selling vacuum flasks, the content should not only include product specifications but integrate this with the importance of staying hydrated. Providing information about the health benefits of consuming hot or cold beverages throughout the day or the advantages of using a tea break to socialize at work by sharing a hot beverage with colleagues on a cold day will ensure that the page rankings are high and visitors are encouraged to make a purchase.

Effective SEO link building is a combination of using scientific methods of analysis and using your judgment to tweak content to facilitate linking. Studying page rankings, analyzing the links used by competitors, and understanding the way search engines function are just as important as putting yourself in your customer’s shoes before creating the content for your webpage.

While article spinning and paid links might lead to an initial spurt in web traffic, they cannot increase profitability as the potential for increased sales is lower in such cases. Those content writers and webmasters who are able to imagine the thoughts and opinions of potential customers and tailor the content to suit these needs will be able to ensure greater number of visitors as well as increased sales.

If you are serious about making money from your website in the long run and effectively developing the online potential of your business, then natural SEO link building is the only effective tool available to you.

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  1. Amanda

    Very well written article, thank you. Regarding links to relevant sites, what do you recommend if there simply are no or very few high trust or high page rank sites in your niche you can link to? I find this to be the case in my industry. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the kind comment, and to answer your question about getting links even though in your industry there might not be that many high trusted or high ranking sites.

    Well, this is a great question, and there is a lot of creative ways to build links. I think currently the most important is to be able to build your brand up. One great way to build your brand is through social networks. There are so many valuable social platforms that you use to expand your brand. Just to name a few would be Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google +. That’s just a short list.

    Also, don’t forget different avenues of content such as the following:
    – Video – youtube, vimeo, google hangouts
    – Audio – podcast, soundcloud, interviews
    – Visual – images, infographics, animated gifs
    – Slides – slideshare presentations, pdfs, embedd tweets

    Lastly, I would still suggest to look into guest blog posts. There should still be a good solid 10 or more blogs that you could write a top notch quality article as guest blog post. Though, it’s going to be some hard work, and really getting some good research.

    I hope this helps, and if you need anything else just ask,


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