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Dukeo » Blogging » Reworking Post: Turning a Failure Into a Success

Reworking Post: Turning a Failure Into a Success

Steven Jan 29, 2013 Blogging

We’ve all had it happen: You work like a dog turning out what you think is a blog post worthy of a Pulitzer Prize and then… nothing. No traffic, no comments, not likes or shares. It’s like you wrote with invisible ink. But don’t delete it yet. Who knows what’s wrong with that post.


Maybe it’s just bad timing. Maybe your readers all lost their Internet connections that day. You won’t know until you do some digging, but in the meantime, here are some things you can do to turn a failed post into a success.

  • Update it: The first thing to do is take a look at it and figure out what’s wrong. Maybe it’s just that your title didn’t grab their attention. Now that you’ve been away from it for a day or two, look it over and see if there’s something in the content that needs freshening up. Then, send out an email blast to let everybody know you’ve updated the article.
  • Test your share buttons: I know, it sounds silly. But maybe, just maybe the sharing buttons aren’t working on that post. It never hurts to check.
  • Link to it from a new post: Pick one point out of that failed article and turn it into a new post, then link back to the original article for more information.
  • Share it yourself: There’s nothing that says you can’t toot your own horn. Share it yourself on your social networks.
  • Link to it from older posts: Your blog is all relevant content, right? Find older blog posts that you can relate to that failed post and build some internal links.
  • Link to it from the comments: A lot of blogger don’t realize it but when you leave comments on other blogs you can use any URL you want. You don’t always have to link to the homepage of your blog. Use the URL for that failed post and leave some relevant comments around the blogosphere.
  • Link to it from comments on your own blog: Find relevant posts on your own blog and drop in some comments with a link back to that post.
  • Use it for fodder for your next newsletter or email blast: Go ahead, poke fun at yourself. Let your subscribers know you’re human. “I screwed up! I can’t believe I thought this was a good idea. Check it out and let me have it in the comments section!

The most important thing to remember with a failed blog post is this: Figure out why it failed and fix it. Especially if you think this was one of your better posts.

If all your other posts draw tons of traffic and this one’s a dog then there must be something wrong. Before you start linking to it and sharing it and using it in comments, fix it first. There might be a very good reason it failed and you just didn’t see it the first time around. But some of your readers did. And you certainly don’t want them to see it again.

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