Respond to Comments: 5 Reasons Why You Should Do It

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When your blog is new you’re thrilled to get these first few comments and you jump in with both feet answering every single one. After a while, though, as your blog becomes more and more popular and those comments start coming in by the dozens it becomes a chore to try to answer every single one. Be that as it may, it’s something you need to get used to. Here are five reasons why you should respond to every comment on your blog.

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Comments Breed More Comments

When a reader leaves a comment it means he found you post interesting and thought provoking. So much so he felt he must leave a comment and start a conversation with you. Those first few comments that show up under a new post are especially important because they’re actually starting the conversation. If you don’t join in and keep the conversation going, neither will any of your visitors. And those visitors who did leave the first couple of comments won’t be tempted to do it again because you’re obviously not paying attention, so why waste the time?

Comments Add More Value

Many commentors respond to your posts with their own personal experiences. Some also back their comments up with additional facts or research. The additional information in these comments make that post even more valuable. In most cases those experiences also point out just how right you are, which adds to your credibility.

Comments Help With SEO

Bloggers who allow crawlers access to comments do so for the additional search engine exposure. If you’re not worried about comment spam or flamers and trolls this can be another way searchers can find you on the Web.

Comments Increase Your Authority

You should always respond when commentor ask questions because it gives you another opportunity to showcase your expertise. As a bonus, many commentors who ask questions also subscribe so they can follow that comment thread and come back for your answer.

Comments Can Help Increase Subscriptions

When your blog has an established community of commentors they often subscribe the the RSS feed for comments and/or your blog so they can keep up with the conversation. So it benefits you to jump in there, answer and engage with your commentors, and keep that conversation going.

Set up your comments to allow threaded conversations where your readers can reply directly to each other. Then, each time someone replies in that thread a new email goes out to everyone who’s subscribed.

Inviting visitors into your blog is like inviting them into your home. You wouldn’t invite a group of people into your home and then leave them to fend for themselves and mingle. You’d stay right there in their midst, making sure everyone felt warm and comfortable and making sure everyone was included in the conversation.

You need to do the same thing on your blog. Be a warm and welcoming host by replying to every comment on your blog.

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  1. Jack Durish

    I think that you must be correct. I use Weebly to build and maintain my website/weblog and they have recently added features that allow me to better manage comments. I have been responding to every one since then and traffic has increased.

    1. When you reply to every comment, people understand that you care about them and what they think… It’s all about community!

    2. Art Williams


      I know Weebly.

      What did they do that makes it easier to respond to comments?


  2. I’m still pretty small and so I do reply to comments. I plan to keep doing so. Thanks for that confirmation. It’s amazing the community I’ve developed through blog commenting.

    1. Become friend with your readers! It’s essential Amy!

  3. Saransh

    Nice post. Great points and one thing that comments assures that people are understanding writers views and also when comments starts coming on your post it’s a good sign people are interesting in the post you wrote as a writer and somewhere has similar kind-of mindset regarding a particular thing.

  4. Verbosityabridged

    Here’s the strange thing.

    I would be one of the most Social Animals on Twitter, and post thousands of comments on other people’s blogs, and even promote other people, but not one person visits or comments on any of my blogs.

    The only reasons I can put it down to? 1. I threaten people with the genius of my writing, and they really don’t know what to say. 2. People are just so selfish. They’re really only in this life for themselves and what they can get out of it, regardless of all the bullshit quotes they put on Twitter about self-improvement and charity. Charlatans and Frauds most of the.

    1. You’re being pretty harsh… I’m sure some people are visiting your blog thanks to your comments…

      1/Threaten people with the genius of your writing? seriously? I haven’t been to your blog yet but wtf with the attitude?
      2/ If you comment on other people’s blog just to get traffic, you’re missing the point. Creating discussion is the key.

  5. Abdallah

    Behind every conversation is a comment!! I couldn’t agree more about the value of commenting. I have connected and learning so much from online conversations with others on blogs and other sites. Also, responding to comments increases the returned traffic and helps you nurture a community.

    1. I couldn’t say it better! Thanks for your comment Abdallah

  6. Amen to this! I try to adhere to this practice and find that it has effectively established me in the blogging community and built some strong online relationships. I’ve done posts similar to this and have found that when I discuss this topic my comment conversations are some of my most active.

    1. It’s all about discussion and engagement… Build a bond with your readers… Thanks for your comment Arlee

  7. Doreen Pendgracs

    I absolutely agree that encouraging comments from readers and responding to those comments make for a strong community, and a place where readers will want to return. I really consider blogging to be 2-way communication and make my readers feel that their input is important to the conversation. Often, the commenters have fascinating insights to share on any given topic.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Doreen. I think this is the reason why many of the big bloggers are losing traction nowadays. They blog like they woul give a lecture and they don’t really care about their reader’s point of view.

      Fortunately, at Dukeo I spend a lot of time replying to most of the comments…

      I’m looking forward for your next comment =)

    2. Art Williams

      After you’ve been on the net for awhile you begin to see that it’s a lot easier to build an audience than engage them consistently. On the other hand, I can understand that some blogs just don’t have the profit potential that will allow owners to take the time to engage.

      I get really pissed when I read a good sales letter and buy the product and then have a question and then get an answer for “Tito” in Cebu, Philippines.

      I guess that’s why the really good call centers over here (I’m in that business…sorta) don’t sell their services as low as the big, name-brands. You can find talent here…but it’s getting harder and more expensive.

      Nevertheless, outsourcing is a way to automate engagement (AKA: “customer service”)


  8. Verbosityabridged

    It’s okay. Very few people get subtext.

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