Remember Posts Ideas: Use Your Cell Phone

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I’m pretty sure it has already happened to you: you are in the street and your mind just light up as you come up with an amazing blog post idea. When you get back home, you are unable to remember what this game-changing idea was.

cellphone remember post ideas

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This exact series of event used to happen to me on a regular basis, this is why I generally carry a pen and a Moleskine with me to write ideas as soon as they come up. (I adopted Moleskine when I was still working as an architect and used to draw a lot of various stuff).

However from time to time, I am unable to bring my precious Moleskine with me. When that’s the case, there is a need for an alternative. This is the exact time when a cellphone can be a lifesaver.

Voice Recorder App

I always have my cell phone with me (unless that’s a very bad day and I even forget my head)! When I come up with some post ideas, my cell phone can really help me with my bad memory. I will generally fire up my favorite Voice Recorder App on my iPhone and I will just record the idea. If I ever forget about the idea, I’ll have this to back me up.

Voice Mail

If your cell phone doesn’t have a voice recorder (what world are you living in? don’t have a smartphone yet??) you can always call yourself and leave a voice mail. When you’ll be back home, you can check your voice mail to remember your idea.

Text Message

When I am risking losing a great idea, I generally use voice-based solutions because they are the fastest, but if you prefer to write things down, you can always use your smartphone’s notepad (if you have one) or send yourself a text message.

If after all that you still manage to forget your amazing post idea, I am not sure there is much I can do for you…

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  1. Sarah

    Oh man, I don’t know what I would do without my smartphone! It basically does everything for me haha.

  2. Michelle

    What I do is very similar to this. I will type out an idea or a note-to-self, and then set it in my calendar as an event, and I set the event alarm to be at a time when I know I will be home and be able to do whatever I’m reminding myself to do! I have a terrible memory, and if I send a text or just write or record something, I know I won’t remember to go find that later. This method never fails!

    1. Gorman

      I like that idea very much, it seems pretty fool-proof.

  3. Shad

    I think everyone should carry around a moleskine. Forget smartphones moleskines are where it’s at. Mine is named Rocky Balboa, hahaha!

    1. Dana

      That is just TOO funny! My husband has his notebook that he takes everywhere too! He calls it his handy-dandy notebook haha!

    2. Shad

      Haha, awesome. Great minds think alike!

  4. Affiliate Manager

    I use the Notes app on my iPhone to write down blog post ideas and as soon as I have a spare minute I use QuickPress on my blog Dashboard to create a title and take down notes of my idea for the post in the content section.

    It seems like all my best ideas come right before I fall asleep so I always keep my phone next to me :)

  5. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    I think that cell phones have already become an inseparable part of our lives. It will be difficult to imagine my life without its help)

  6. Anon

    The world is basically getting taken over by smartphones. Most of us are already almost completely dependent on them. And that’s how they’re going to take over the world.

    1. Liz

      Hahaha! What a funny thought! I’d like to see that made into a movie, that would be hilarious.

    2. Anon

      Don’t wait for the movie. It’s going to happen.

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