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Well, of course you’re going to “write content”, you’re a blogger, what else would you do? Before you snap to judgment, take a quick tour around the blogosphere. You’ll see bloggers posting infographics, videos, cartoons, and worst of all – a page full of nothing but links – and all with no written content. Here are three reasons you need to write your blog content, too.

Establish Relevancy For Your Reader

No two blogs will ever be identical. They may both share the same theme and promote the same products. But they’ll never both share the same audience and each audience has its own special needs. When you post a video, infographic or some other non-textual content, explain to your readers why you’re sharing it with them, why you think it would be relevant to their unique situation.

For example, maybe you have a parenting blog and the majority of your audience is young fathers. A breastfeeding video, alone, would probably seem irrelevant to them and they’ll wonder why you bothered.

But if you explained that it’s important for them to understand breastfeeding from the mother’s viewpoint – all the dietary requirements, the time constraints, the fact that she’s the only one her baby can rely on – so they can understand her stress, they’ll actually appreciate a video they may never have watched.

Provide An Explanation

Images, infographics and cartoons are a nice addition to any blog. It’s sometimes easier to understand a message when it’s accompanied by a visual. However, the opposite isn’t always true. It’s not always easy to understand a visual if it’s not accompanied by an explanation. And some of the infographics I’ve seen prove this point.

While your readers may all be looking for the same information, they each absorb and comprehend that information differently. Some people just prefer to have words on the page. While it’s not necessarily important to explain an image that you’re using to draw attention to your post, make sure you explain those infographics and diagrams in text for your non-visual followers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines don’t “read” pictures and images and videos. They only read the tags you use – if you use them.

Even more important, if you publish an infographic or video on your blog and you do give it a tag or two – how many other bloggers do you think are doing the exact same thing? Set your blog apart from the rest and improve your SEO at the same time by including a written explanation for why you believe that video is relevant for your readers.

Never assume your audience is going to get your message unless you actually tell them what your message is. You’re not a mind reader and neither are they. Write some content to let your readers know why you’re showing them that page full of links or that infographic.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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