Posting Schedules: These Will Help You Be A Consistent Blogger

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It seems like every day I trip over another abandoned blog and it’s always the same old story. The blogger started out with all the best intentions and then he ran out of steam. Sometimes it’s just a matter of poor planning. Sometimes all you need to maintain a forward momentum is a posting schedule.

Now, when most bloggers set up a posting schedule they just pull out their calendar and mark down one post on Monday, one post on Tuesday, and so on. But this doesn’t really solve the problem.

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What happens when you sit down on Tuesday? You still have to come up with a topic idea and we all know how hard that can be sometimes. And if you miss one day, that makes it even harder to come up with something the next day. Suddenly, the pressure to post is creating a huge case of blogger’s block and you come to a screeching halt.

If you put more thought and detail into your posting schedule it’s easier to maintain your momentum. I include three things each day:

The number of posts I want to write: This can vary because I like to have extra content in an emergency file and I like to schedule my posts out at least a week ahead. I may also want to use a day or two to work on a special project so I’ll write a couple of extra posts the day before.

Topics I want to cover: I like to create a rolling monthly posting schedule. I have a full month mapped out and at the end of each week I add an additional week to the end, that way I’m always looking a month ahead.

This allows me to plan series posts, or work on writing content to strengthen my internal linking structure or just fill in holes where I think my coverage is weak.

Goals I want to achieve: I also like to include the goal for each post. For example, once a week you might want to write a post that can include a call to action to subscribe to your RSS feed, or send readers to your newsletter subscription form. Maybe your goal is to write something remarkable so you can encourage your readers to share it.

Type of post I want to write: I like to have a good mix of post types. Everybody loves a good list post or How-To or links post and I want to make sure I have plenty of variety for my reader.

If you add more detail to your posting schedule you’ll always know when you sit down at your desk exactly what you’re going to write for the day. There’s no worry, no stress, and nothing to stop your forward momentum. Full steam ahead!

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  1. Kim Lavigne

    I always enjoy your content! I have struggled to remain consistent with blogging. I am going to have a better plan to tackle this! :) Thanks!

    1. I wish you plenty of success, Kim :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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