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Ever wonder how those other bloggers get all that writing done every day? They write for multiple blogs, they submit guest blog posts, they publish to article directories. You, on the other hand, have a difficult time keeping up with just one blog. The secret is templates. Article and post templates make it easy for anyone to boost their productivity.

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A template is like a pattern, or better yet, think of it like a form letter where you just fill in the blanks and you’re done. An article or blog post template is a structured form where you just fill in the blanks and you have an article. Templates make it easy for you to organize your thoughts and present your information in an attractive, easy-to-read format. When you use templates you write better and your articles look better and you get more traffic.

Here’s an example of a How-To Article Template:

  1. Choose a topic relevant to your niche.
  2. Create an attention grabbing title: A great title lets the reader know what to expect from the article, including how he’ll benefit by reading it. For example, “How to Write Killer Titles” is interesting, but “How to Write Killer Titles That Bring In Hordes Of Traffic” is even better. The reader is more motivated to click through because he sees there’s a benefit to read your article.
  3. Write your introductory paragraph: Allow 80 to 100 words to define the problem and tell the reader again how you’re going to help.
  4. List your steps in chronological order: Make each step as clear as possible and, if necessary, include a clear, concise explanation.
  5. Write a concluding paragraph of 100 words that includes tips, advice and alerts the reader to any cautions.

If you follow that template, when you’re done you’ll have at least 200 words just in the opening and closing paragraphs and you won’t have to rummage around through your brain trying to think of what to say next.

Creating a template for any type of article is easy. Think of it as a combination of a form letter and an outline. You know that every article is going to need a title, an opening paragraph and a conclusion. The only thing that changes is what you put in between.

As you’re blogging, start paying attention to your most popular posts or articles and create templates as you go. Then, in the future, when you’re stuck for an idea or having trouble laying out your article you can just refer to your templates.

For some really great article templates visit the Ezine Articles blog. You’ll have to be a member to access the blog but membership is free, even if you never submit an article. Their blog is packed with professional article writing tips and advice and you’ll find dozens of templates that will work for just about any blog post or article.

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  1. Joseph Adediji

    Great Post Steven,
    having a post template is really a smart idea and it makes writing easier.
    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Thanks for your comment Joseph! Post templates do indeed help writing faster and better :)

  2. Clive Roach

    Very good advice. My mental template is exactly as you mentioned it, but I had not thought of building up a set based on the different types of blogs..

    1. Hey it sounds like you’re on the right track Clive! Let me know how this goes for you

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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