Online Secret Weapon: Succeeding Is Possible

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Every successful blogger has their own secret weapon for succeeding online. Some use some favorite software, some have a trick they use on Facebook. Ask fifty different bloggers and they’ll give you fifty different secrets – if they’re willing to share, that is. My secret weapon is easy and I’m happy to share. But when I’m done, you have to tell me yours.

My Secret Weapon For Succeeding Online? Step Away From Your Blog!

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The Internet is huge and there are millions of other blogs out there. No matter how hard you work at sharing and tweeting and bookmarking and commenting you’re never going to even scratch the surface. Not that networking and socializing aren’t important because they do help your traffic. But I didn’t start really seeing results until I started moving away from my blog.

Internet readers may have short attention spans but they’re also creatures of habit. They find a favorite website or blog and that’s it, that’s where they’re going to find all their information from now on. When they do occasionally start snooping around, that’s when they’ll find your blog, so instead of sitting around waiting it’s better to go where the readers are.

Which is why guest blogging is my secret weapon. I write great content for my blog and then I write great content and take it to where the readers are – other blogs, all over the Internet.

There are a few tricks involved with guest blogging, though. First, most bloggers think they have to post their very best content on their own blog, and that’s true, you do. But you also have to submit your very best content for guest blog posts, too. Otherwise, you may not get published and even if you do, nobody’s going to pay attention if it’s the same old stuff they can read everywhere else.

You also have to be careful how you choose the blogs you want to guest post on. Obviously, your first choice should be high ranking blogs with lots of traffic, but don’t ignore those smaller blogs because they’re getting traffic, too.

The key to finding the best blogs is to read a lot of the recent content and read the comments under each post. Naturally, your content to be relevant to the current hot topics on that blog. But you also need to check out that blogger’s traffic and you can generally tell by looking at the comments what type of traffic he’s attracting. Are they people who would be interested in your blog from a purchasing standpoint?

For example, let’s say you’re using your blog to promote your article writing business. Other blogs about writing would be relevant, but the traffic probably consists of other writers, people who wouldn’t have an interest in paying for your service. Even if this is a high-ranking, high-traffic blog, that traffic isn’t going to do you any good. You’ll just be wasting your time when you write that blog post.

Don’t be afraid to step away from your blog. You don’t need to be in attendance 24/7, people will still find it. But more people will come to your blog if you get out there and introduce yourself.

Now that I’ve told you my secret weapon for succeeding online, let’s hear yours!

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