Offline Reach: 4 Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in working online that we forget there are people out there in the “real” world, too. That’s why it’s such a good idea to step away from your computer and go out into the world every now and then. No matter what size city you live in it’s a safe bet that most of you neighbors have no idea you have an online business and it’s up to you to let them know. Here are four ways to promote your blog to the “real” people in the off-line world.

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Get Yourself Some Business Cards

Use the logo from your blog or, if you have several blogs, design a generic card. Either way, include a link to your blog and your email address, along with your physical address and phone number. And then always, always, always have plenty of cards on hand when you’re out and about.

Every time you meet someone knew what’s one of the first things they ask you? “So, what do you do?” Don’t be shy. Give them your elevator pitch and hand them a business card. You’ll be surprised at the response you get. I’ve had people hire me to to design their blog, right there in the line at the grocery store.

Never considered designing a blog for someone else before? Why not? You did a pretty great job on your own, didn’t you? You have unlimited opportunities for building your online business. Start passing out those cards and make some contacts.

Meet-ups and Seminars

I have an blogger friend who approached her local library and she gives seminars for teens every month. The word started spreading and now she gives seminars at at least one library every week, and she’s generated so much interest she recently opened an office.

Attend community events and start networking. Check out volunteer organizations, community groups, even your local Chamber of Commerce. You don’t necessarily have to give a presentation but get out there and start networking.

Local Newspapers

Local newspapers are always looking for filler content. Submit a press release that talks about your new book, your new blog, or the seminar you’re planning to host at the library next week.

Industry Shows

Again, you don’t necessarily have to rent a booth or give a presentation. But attend industry events when they come around – the bridal show, the boat show, the new car show. Even if it’s not your niche it’s still a good opportunity to get out there and meet people and pass out your business cards.

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  1. Candace Chira

    Hey Dukeo, I found your blog on Twitter through a RT. You know, I’ve thought about sharing free reports in a similar way but didn’t think about doing it with my new blog. Great ideas that you shared here! Thanks so much for the post. :)

    1. You’re welcome Candace. If you try this method, keep me posted on your results :)

  2. Good points, two of those I could benefit from – the business card – If you tell someone a name they usually forget it before they get home, give them a business card, it will be reminder with the details. Local newspaper often has a space for an article.Good tips to follow up. thanks.

    1. Great! The business card is so useful… And actually, I’ve seen a lot of people put their picture on the card so when they go to a networking event, people can easily remember who they are.

  3. Matt Hayden

    Yes, offline should not be forgotten. I have used it to promote websites mainly for years with good results. The clicks just trickle in but are good quality.

    I have used flyers mainly, and I put them in people’s letterboxes. They don’t have to be flash so can be made very cheaply. As long as they clearly state what you’re site or blog’s about they will get some clicks. You just have to do a lot of them, that’s all.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Matt. By any chance do you have some real numbers that you could share with us?

    2. Matt Hayden

      Okay, re cost: I make up 3 flyers per A4 sheet. I get them copied in black and white for 8 cents each. So each flyer costs about 2.7 cents. So I get a thousand for $27 AU.

      The click rate depends on what I’m promoting. Currently I’m advertising private social media lessons in Perth. That doesn’t have wide appeal. So I get a click every 6 or 7 hundred, and a call maybe every 12 or 13 hundred.

      I was promoting a “make money at home” lead capture page before, though. From memory that got a lead maybe every 500 or so.

      It is quite expensive, however if you’re selling something for a fair amount it’s still definitely worth it.

      If people use this technique they should make sure the URL they include is in Google. People tend to Google everything now whereas in the past they’d just go straight to the site.

    3. It sounds extremely interesting! I’ll take a look into doing that locally ;) Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Kristine

    Honestly, I really do not like such short blog items though I read that exactly such short posts are now preferred by readers.
    Is is like a short instruction without answering why. Just do it and be happy! Basic info for dummies..

    1. Haters are gonna hate

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