No Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Guest Posting

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Guest blogging is a really hot topic of conversation right now and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Bloggers are burning the midnight oil drafting guest posts and mailing them out like Christmas cards. And blog owners are accepting every guest post that comes their way because they think it’s the right thing to do to help a fellow blogger. There are a lot of people making some pretty hasty decisions right now and I’m not so sure I agree. Here are 5 reasons why I feel you should not follow the crowd and make a guest post.

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reasons you should not make guest post

  1. You can do some serious damage to your reputation: Sure, that blog looks pretty kosher today. But it wasn’t that long ago that a famous, big-name blogger had his entire site completely de-indexed by Google. Everything. Gone in the blink of an eye. His reputation was lower than pond scum for a while and it took a lot of crawling for him to get back into Google’s good graces. Nobody is guaranteed anything on the Internet. Wherever you hang your hat, you do so at your own risk.
  2. Why put your best content on someone else’s site: Seriously, why would you want to put some of your best content on someone else’s site? Yeah, I know. You get a valuable link and a bump in traffic. Blah, blah, blah…. You’re going to have to work twice as hard to produce some awesome content to get one of those big name bloggers to accept it. And for what? A link and a nod? Once your post works it’s way to the bottom of the rotation, no one is ever going to see your name on that blog.
  3. Why not make some money with it: Seriously, check your stats to see just how much additional traffic you have coming in from your last guest post or two. Was it really worth it in terms of profits? Probably not. Yeah, it’s a big ego boost to see your name up in lights but at the end of the month it costs money to keep those lights on. Use that terrific content to make some real money. Create your own ebook, sell it for cash to someone looking to buy good content, turn it into a Squidoo lens or a HubPage and add in some Amazon links. The point is, there are so many ways you can make cold, hard cash with your writing that it hardly makes sense to give it away in exchange for a link and a nod.
  4. You get no guarantees: Seriously, what do you really know about that blogger? Not a darn thing other than they know somebody who knows somebody who has a friend who reads your blog. Whoopeee! I’m not a Photoshop expert by any means but I can put together a graph that shows some stats that most people would die for. You have no guarantee that that blogger will publish your post and if he does you have no guarantee he won’t delete it. You also have no guarantee he’s going to pay his next month’s hosting bill. Once that blog post leaves your tiny little hand you lose all control.
  5. You can get better results posting it on your own blog: Post that juicy content on your own blog where people will see it in it’s proper context – right there in the middle of all your other awesome content. Use some good SEO so people will find it, and if you really must see your name on that other guy’s blog, go over there and leave relevant, engaging comments. And yeah, link back to the awesome content that you have on your own blog. You’ll still get the same amount of traffic from his blog, but you’ll get more organic traffic AND you’ll get return visitors the next time you post something on your own blog.

One of the reasons that guest blogging has become such a trend is because it involves bloggers. Bloggers are writers and the one thing that all writers have in common is the desire to see their name in print – whether they’re compensated for it or not. But you need to remember that your blog is your business and your time is a valuable commodity. Every minute you spend writing counts toward your bottom line. You should not waste your time on a guest post if that’s only going to make money for someone else.

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  1. Jm

    Great article. I’m still a newbie when it comes to SEO because there is so much to know and everyone has a different opinion on what works best. Even Google says one thing then another re: Panda. I have been deciding on guest posting but only to help bring up my PR. Your absolutely right, why would you write a great article and not use it? It’s yours forever but now you’ve given it away. I will hold off for a while and just write for me.


    1. I agree with you, SEO is not an exact science… The important thing is to weight the pros and cons before writing guest posts.

  2. I’ll disagree with the points mentioned above. I’ve got some serious traffic writing a guest post. When you’re not having decent visitors ‘that’ post won’t get you any money and no, you’re not damaging your reputation by writing a guest post. But it’s all about perception I guess.

    1. What I’m saying about damaging your reputation is that you should be careful about who you are associating your name with.

  3. Kevin Martin

    I’m far too lazy to write guest posts anyway, so this blog post just gave me five more reasons to not write guest posts. Thanks! :)

    1. Glad it inspired you to stick with your first idea :P

  4. You are exactly right. The problem is mostly one of transparency…Guest bloggers generally have no idea what they are getting in regard to exposure and traffic on the host site (they only see what they get in traffic back to their own site if they tag their backlink) . And — they aren’t compensated for the either the audience they bring to the host site, or for the content they create.

  5. Shelley

    Hey Steven,
    This is an interesting point of view. It sounds a bit controversial :-). I say that because this is the first article I have read on anyones blog that delivers a warning against jumping into guest blogging, in fact all the other bloggers I have read highly recommend guest blogging as a way to get your blog off the ground and get recognition as an expert. You make some good points. I must say it’s a bit hard to decide whose blog would be worth blogging on when you state things in terms like you did.
    I notice some of your blogging gets done by guest bloggers. How are you different from other bloggers that allow guest blogging. What kind of guarantees if any do you give your guest bloggers?
    I think guess blogging has some good points. I’ve found quite a few interesting blogs by finding articles written by bloggers on someone elses site…maybe I would have found those blogs anyway, maybe not.

  6. Anthony Kpodo

    When I read the title, “5 Reasons Why You Should Not Make A Guest Post,” I was taken aback a little because you’ve been inviting guest posts and I was even contemplating posting one. But having read the whole post, I’m highly educated. I now have to calculate very well before sending a guest post to any blog.

    Thank you, Steven.

    1. Don’t be intimidated Anthony. If you want to guest post on Dukeo, simply send me your guest post by email and as long as it fits my quality requirements and it brings some value to the readers, I will most likely publish it in a matter of days.

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