New Blogging Job: You’ve Landed It – Now What?

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If you really enjoy blogging then you might someday want to consider getting paid to blog for somebody else. It’s becoming quite common these days for blog owners to hire other bloggers to help expand their coverage and it’s better to hire a blogger than to sit there and hope someone finally submits a guest blog post that doesn’t make you cringe. There are lots of blog owners out there looking for good bloggers so don’t be surprised when you land your first blogging job.

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Blogging for somebody else is way different than blogging for yourself. They hired you to help with their business, which means they have certain goals and tasks in mind. And that means they also expect you to treat it like a business. So if you’re going into this thinking you can blog whenever you feel like it and write about whatever you want, think again. Here’s what you need to do when you land a blogging job.

Read the blog: Chances are you’re at least familiar with the topic. Here’s hoping it’s also something you’re interested in. Either way, though, you need to read that blog to get a feel for the type of content the audience is looking for. Look to see what’s been covered recently, read the comments to see what questions readers are asking, and, if you’re allowed to choose your own topics, look to see where you can be the most help.

Communicate with the owner: Like I said, this is a business decision for the owner so you need to find out what his business plans are. Does he have a particular audience he wants you to target? What about keywords? Does he just want content or does he want you to lead up to some type of call to action?

Have a specific agreement: Find out how frequently the owner wants you to post and if there’s a specific time of day he wants to publish your content. Get everything down in writing. Is he paying you by the word or the post? Do you get to include your own ads or affiliate links? Who’s going to handle promotion?

Show off your skills: If you have your own blog then you know about SEO and different promotion techniques. Ask if you can have the Google Analytics reports emailed to you once a week so you can track trends. Get the RSS feed from the blog and promote it on your own social networks. Anybody can blog but it’s your other skills that make you that much more valuable.

Build relationships: Don’t just be a blogger. Build a relationship with that blog owner. Stay on top of trending topics in that niche and discuss them with the owner. Interact with the readers and become a part of the community. How can you help to grow the business? Remember, that blog owner knows other blog owners who may also be interested in hiring someone with your business sense. You’d be surprised how many of those big-name bloggers have a blogging job waiting for somebody just like you.

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  1. Will Russell

    As far as I have noticed working for an independent gaming website, this is fairly accurate. Building connections within the company has afforded me more opportunities than simply being one of the writers. Having talent is of course part of it, but a large aspect of advancement that goes unnoticed by new writers is simply the drive to do more than you are asked. Offer your ideas on improving the image of the company, suggest projects, take the initiative. Making friends and networking are huge integral factors on whether you will be moving up or get a good review. A blogging job may not be incredibly lucrative, but it often is a stepping stone to something bigger. Build your experience and portfolio for your résumé, and get one step closer to that dream job. Well written article. Thanks for posting.

    1. Will, you nailed it! Blogging is probably not the most interesting job money-wise, but it can help your business on so many other aspects…

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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