More Links & Traffic: How To Get That For Your Blog

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Blogging is a unique world and can be a very interesting business idea. The popularity of blogs seems to increase daily and this gives new bloggers the chance to join the market and find their own success. However, simply creating a blog and adding content is only a portion of the responsibility. You also have to insure that you are getting plenty of traffic and that there are a number of links back to your page. How do you do this? There are four easy tricks that will work if you take advantage of them.

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get more links and traffic to blog

  1. Blog commenting: You are not going to be the only blog in your niche. There will be several blogs that are in some way related to your own. Take advantage of this and use it to drive traffic to your own blog. Find those blogs and participate in them. Make sure that you add insightful information in your comments or this method will not prove beneficial. You want to provide valuable information that makes you appear to be an authority. Then close it up with a link to a relevant page on your own blog.
  2. Guest Bloggers: Believe it or not, guest bloggers can do wonders for your traffic. The more established a blogger is, the better this will work for you. Not only will you receive your normal traffic, you will also receive traffic from their blog and the search engines that display their post. All of this adds up to substantial traffic and additional links for you.
  3. Advertising: The fact is that if you announce it, you will have more visitors. You need to put links to your site everywhere that you can think of. Do you frequent forums that are on the same topic as your site? Add a link. Do you send a lot of email? Add a link. Anything that you do can be used as free advertising. This will not only increase your links, it will also improve your traffic.
  4. Social Networking: Along with blogs, social networks are climbing the popularity charts. Everyone has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other forms of social media. This is a great way to get the word out about your blog, share your posts with fans and even interact with your loyal readers. It also gives your fans a chance to share their favorite posts with their friends and family. You have more links and you will see traffic steadily increase.

Adding more links and traffic is not as difficult as it may sound. Generally, where you place links the traffic will follow. This means take your time and focus your efforts on putting links up everywhere that you can possibly put them. Just make sure that they are somehow related to the site you are listing them on. Otherwise people will be less likely to click and see what your blog is about. You cannot beat the free publicity that comes with these methods of marketing. You pay nothing for it, but you will reap great rewards.

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    Guest blogging is something I really want to get into (hint hint) and I can definitely see the benefit of it. Look at Zac Johnson. He’s CONSTANTLY doing guest blog posts and he’s a smart guy, so I bet there’s a good reason.

    Social media is great. If you aren’t taking advantage of all the social traffic out there you’re making a huge mistake.

    1. Zac is building himself a nice network of blogs in the industry, as well as guest blogging to link to his several blogs. This is a great strategy.

    2. Affiliate Manager

      Definitely. Zac is a smart guy. He has some great articles he’s putting out too :)

  2. David

    Hi Steven, great advice, and much appreciated. I haven’t really tried guest blogging yet. Would you rate it to be better than commenting or about the same value?

    1. It’s definitely better especially if the blog owner allows you to create some in-post links to your own content…

    2. David

      Ok, thanks, I guess I better give it some more serious consideration then.

      I was not completely sold on the idea before. But I guess it is something I should be doing. Thanks for helping me figure that out.

  3. Becca

    For blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents.

    1. David

      Hi Becca, that’s good advice. writing quality content seems to be something that everyone believes is essential.

      I think we have to spend time writing quality but also on promotion. Promotion is often overlooked I think.

    2. Joseph

      Thanks Becca, that’s quite cool. After all writing a killer content comes from a good work of research and understanding the niche markets.

  4. Csa

    Well, this is one of the best advice that I have got in a long time. Creating back links. But the only thing that worked for me was blog commenting. I follow a lot of blogs dealing with photography. But the other stuffs are like something in the air for me. I still lack the confidence I guess. I will have to develop my writing skills actually before attempting to write as a guest blogger and I will have to work on improving the reader base through social networks.

    1. The blogging process involves a lot of different tasks. Focus on a few key elements, master them, then move onto the next ones. If you try to harness everything at the same time, you’ll be good at nothing.

  5. Tom Jamieson

    Great advice, Steven. I’ve already started guest blogging on two sites and am always looking for more.

    1. Well, if you want to guest post on Dukeo, I’m always open to help people get more visibility for their writings…

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