More Blog Post Ideas: You Will Never Need That Many

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Stumped for blog post ideas? Don’t be. These tips will help you come up with more than you’ll ever need. Be prepared, though. Get your legal pad out because as you read through this list you’re going to start coming up with all kinds of ideas.

Visit your competitor’s blog – What’s he blogging about today? Can you give it your own unique twist for your readers? Better yet, can you offer up the opposite viewpoint for a killer controversial article?

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Look at popular posts – Most blogs list their popular posts in the sidebar. Even if it’s not a relevant niche, you can use these ideas for your own posts. “Top 10 Viral YouTube Videos” can become “Top 10 Viral Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes.”

Read the comments – Read the comments on your own blog and on your competitors’ blogs and see what people are talking about today and what questions they’re asking.

Break it down into smaller bites – Go to one of the longer posts in your archives, pick one of your key points in the article and elaborate – turn it into a full-blown article. Don’t have any long posts yet? How about a list post? Or a How-To post? Or you can look at your competitors’ blogs.

Use a title generator – Here’s a secret tip: Ezine Articles has a title generator on their site. Get a free account and click on Submit Article. Then click on the Title box. If you don’t already have a title you can use the bottom search box. Type in your keyword and Ezine will suggest article titles. No, you don’t need to have an article ready to submit. You can just use the title generator and leave.

Use Google Alerts – Use Google Alerts to let you know when someone’s blogging about something in your niche.

Check Google News – Use Google News to see what’s making the news in your niche right this minute. Your readers will love the fact that you’re on top of things and not just regurgitating the same information they can find all over the web.

Check Google Trends – Google Trends is still out there. It’s not a great resource, but it might help if you’re really in a bind. See what’s trending and maybe you can make it relevant for your readers.

Teach yourself something new – I had to learn how to use Pinterest first before I could write my ebook. There’s probably something new you’d like to learn, too. Make the time in your schedule and blog about it while you’re learning. Chances are your readers will want to learn, too.

Create a killer list post – Create a killer list post. It can be the Top 100 people you follow on Twitter, the top 100 chocolate chip cookie recipes or whatever is relevant for your readers. Yes, it might take some time, but it’s worth it. Read on…

Create a smaller list post and expand the content – Now that you have your Top 100, write a blog post that features your Top 10 favorites from that list and expand the reasons to create a whole new post.

Choose one item from the list – Now, go back and choose your Most Favorite from that list and create an entire blog post around that one item.

Pros and Cons – Take any of your existing blog posts and turn it into a Pros And Cons post. It’s easy. “World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe” becomes “The Pros And Cons Of Using Real Butter To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Review one of your resources – Every blogger has resources. Maybe you use a special plug-in or maybe you read a special industry magazine. Review that resource for your readers because it’s probably something they can use, too. As a bonus – check to see if that plug-in designer or magazine has an affiliate program so you can pick up a few extra bucks when your readers buy that product, too.

Review another blogger – Got a favorite blogger? Review him and/or his blog on your blog. Don’t be afraid of sending your visitors away. Sure, they’ll probably go visit just to check him out. But they’re going to stick with you because you’re the one who turned them on to the new guy.

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  1. George From Seekdefo

    bookmarked. Has a ton of practical content. So this how you get post ideas. Thanks

    1. There are so many ways to get pots ideas George…

  2. Liza Shaw

    Thanks this is a very comprehensive list

    1. you’re welcome Liza

  3. Rconnoriii

    Some new ones we never heard about-thanks Steven !

    1. It’s good if you keep learning things through my posts, right? ;)

  4. Anita Hovey

    Great list…I’ve started mining comments & questions in various places for ideas. Great tip.

    1. I’m glad if it inspired you to find new post topics ;)

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