MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review: Centralized Link Control

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To call the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin just another plugin is like calling Mt. Everest just another hill. Anybody, anywhere who wants to make any kind of money with any kind of blog needs to be taking a serious look at this remarkable tool. With it, you can control your affiliate links all over the Internet. Without it… yours is just another blog. And a pretty sad blog at that.

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The creators of Ninja Affiliates want you to know there are only two kinds of affiliate marketers – Ninja affiliates… and everyone else. And after seeing the amazing tricks you can pull off with this plug you’ll agree. Your affiliate blogs will never be the same.

Here are just a few of the basic features, to start with:

  • Manage your affiliate links by giving each link its own name
  • Use any affiliate link from any network with no messy conversions involved
  • Create redirects that look professional and won’t scare off your leads
  • Create groups for easier analytics call-ups
  • Cloak your links to prevent affiliate theft
  • Automatically create keyword anchor text links
  • Use no-follow links to control your link juice

Now, if you’ve used one of those ‘keyword-to-link‘ plugins before then you know it doesn’t take much to end up with a blog that looks like a link dump. And that’s not good for your overall SEO – the search engines do NOT like to see a lot of spammy links on your page, regardless of how relevant they are. With Ninja Affiliate you can control the number of keywords that get converted on each page, each post or over your whole blog.

You can also change your anchor text links right from the dash which means no more wasted time rewriting all of your content. Need to rank for ‘Big blue widgets‘ instead of ‘Big yellow widgets‘? Just enter the new link on your dashboard and then change it all over your blog.

But so far, those are pretty basic features and you could probably get the same effect by combining a couple of free WordPress plugins. So let’s take a look at the real reasons you need to put this plugin on your blogs.

Create Off-Site Sub-Campaigns

This is the feature that separates the Ninja affiliates from all the others. With this feature you can set up your affiliate link for a keyword on your blog. Then you can create a sub campaign using that same affiliate link and use it for blog commenting, forum commenting, article marketing, social media marketing – anywhere else you want to drop that link.

And here’s the best part – anytime you want you can just go to your dash and check real-time stats on any of those traffic sources, no matter where they’re located on the Web.

  • See how many unique clicks each link received
  • See how many raw clicks each link received
  • See where those clicks came from

Replace Old Or Dead Links Right From The Dash

Even better? What happens when you’ve got 200 articles out there, all pointing to the same sales page, and the advertiser suddenly drops off the radar? Typically, when that happens, you basically have 200 wasted articles hanging out there that are now pointing to dead web space. But with Ninja Affiliate you can change those links, no matter where they’re located, right from the dashboard of your blog.

Now just in case you don’t understand what I’m talking about, go ahead and try to change the links in 200 articles you have published at Ezine Articles. Yeah – see what I mean? It’s impossible. But not when you have the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

Create Affiliate Link Groups

In their example, the creators of MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate use a health blog but the concept works for any type of affiliate blog where you’re promoting multiple products. The plugin allows you to create groups, or categories, for all the links you create.

For example, if you have a blog about dogs you can create a group for dog food, dog collars, dog costumes, etc. Then, when it’s time to check your stats you can sort by group and compare apples to apples instead of having to sift through every link you’ve created.

There is no replacement or alternate plugin or software package out there and words like ‘Robust’ and ‘Versatile’ just aren’t enough to describe the features of the Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin. At a measly $37 – with a complete, 100% money back guarantee of you’re not completely satisfied and lifetime updates – affiliates everywhere are jumping on this offer.

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