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Internet Marketing is fueling wild dreams for a lot of persons. Sky-high profits, travels, fast cars, live events, easy money… Of course this life style can seem glamorous for everyone living a “standard” life with a 9 to 5 job. One of the achievements I am seeking thanks to my internet ventures is Location freedom.


There are two types of Location Freedom I am aiming for with Internet Marketing: house scale, worldwide scale.

The first one is to be able to work from the comfort of my own home. It currently takes me about 10 seconds to go from my bed to my desk, and it allows me to work in underwear. Yeah, I know it sounds so much of a cliché, but it happens after all. The downside to working from home is having difficulties to get my head out of work: even when I’m just chillin’, I always remember that I had another mail to send or another page to tweak…

The worldwide scale relies to the fact that I don’t need anything more than a computer and an internet connection to run my whole business. I could be traveling for the whole year and still be able to manage my advertising campaigns and my content websites, including this blog. Isn’t it what you call freedom?

To be honest, my current revenue does not allow me to live this dream yet, but I should be able to move around starting in January 2012. I’ll be able to enjoy my freedom for 12 months before the end of the world (December 21, 2012)!

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  1. Dino Vedo

    Your definitely doing good for yourself! Keep it up and great goals!

    1. I’m trying as hard as I can to reach my goals. Hard work will help me succeed for sure! A few years of tough work for a lifetime of happiness, it’s a bargain.

  2. I definitely wish you good luck with this kind of freedom, it’s a good thing to have this kind of goals.

    1. Hey, thank you for the support :)

  3. Flash Games

    I would also like to travel while being able to maintain my business but I’m really far from being able to achieve it…

    1. The important thing is to never give up on your goals!

    2. Don’t worry, everyone can do it. Just stick to work and keep your goals in mind at all times

  4. First Website

    The first stop to succeed is to get started! Then you will eventually succeed and be able to reach total location freedom…

    1. I am aiming for that and will never give up until I reach this kind of Freedom

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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