Local Blog: How Do I Promote One?

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In my opinion, promoting a local blog is almost easier than promoting an worldwide blog. In a way, your target audience is smaller, but you can be less focused with your targeting and not be afraid of missing the mark. Once you understand how and why people look for local content on the Internet, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Let’s take a look…

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When people want to see what Kim Kardashian wore to the Oscars they really don’t care where the blog is located. They just want to see a picture of the dress, so they go to their search box and type in “Kim Kardashian Oscars dress.

But, when they need a plumber or a auto mechanic or an attorney or doctor, they don’t want to travel around the world, they want someone local. In the past that meant they had to go to their Google search box and type in “Dallas Plumber” or “Dallas Attorney.” If you had your site properly SEOd then you’d turn up in the index.

These days, though, Google is much more intuitive. Google already knows what city the searcher lives in by looking at their IP address. That searcher only has to type in the word “Plumber” and the first 10 spots on the index will be local plumbers. There’s even a map in the middle of the page that shows the six or seven plumbers closest to your IP address.

However, the only way to get your local blog to appear in that listing is to register your blog at Google Places for Business. Go ahead, it’s free. Use every keyword you can think of and make sure you include the link to your blog. This is the first, most important step you can take to promote your local blog.

Next, most people are looking for service providers or shopping when they conduct local searches. The typical local searcher is also searching while on-the-go, traveling to-and-from work, on their way to a restaurant or out on the town looking for entertainment. That means these people are accessing search through their mobile devices, which are frequently hooked up with their social networking contacts. These people are constantly in touch with friends and family.

So the next logical place to promote your local blog is the social networks – Twitter, Facebook and You Tube to be more specific. Twitter, especially, because that’s where people go to post more urgent, news-making events. For example, if they’re looking for a good restaurant or movie, or if they have a flat tire or run out of gas.

Start developing a following on Twitter and Facebook and word of your local blog will quickly start to spread. You can also contact local businesses to let them know you’re blogging about local events. As an added bonus you may find some of these businesses asking if they can buy advertising space on your blog.

Don’t expect to get the same large number of visitors that an international blog might get, unless your targeting a super large city like New York or Los Angeles But remember, it’s not the size of your audience that matters – it’s the quality. And since you can zero in on one unique city, you have a much better chance of hitting your target.

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  1. Bradley

    Thanks I found the info helpful. Makes a lot of sense. I had no idea about the Google thing.

    1. Bradley, I’m glad if I helped.

  2. Chris

    Good stuff here… and as Google search becomes more local based on mobile… and as G+ begins to start to infiltrate business… there is more and more reason to get onto the platform… more exposure across the board… and with a blog hooked up… people can start to observe your author quality as a key person in your field / interest area…

    1. Thinking local becomes more and more important over time…

  3. I never even thought about my local audience! One of my books is at my physio clinic, but if I were to advertise locally, think of the potential! I live in a tourist area to boot (Niagara Falls, ON), so there’s an advantage as well. Thanks for this!

    1. Boom! Go for it, Sandy ;)

  4. With one of my companies a year in, and another launching this weekend, I can tell you that local is all we care about for our clients. My “fun blog” is created for events, product reviews, etc for the Southeast and Atlanta. The interesting thing is that advertisers from as far as California are interested in moving into our local market by partnering with us.

    1. That’s very interesting Kevin. I see more and more companies refocusing on their local market. A lot of people have been trying to go global, and the local market has been a little left behind, so there are plenty of opportunities.

  5. Would you still suggest listing as a local business if the blog is covering national and local content? Or only for hyper local blogs?

    1. It really depends on what your goal is with your goal… Is your primary goal to land some local clients or to go after a national audience?

  6. Great post. Google search doesn’t appear to be as intuitive in regional areas (at least not in Australia yet) but I agree, I think people still know how to search and when you think like your customer you should get found more easily with the right SEO.

    1. Celina, it’s probably one of the most important thing: putting yourself in the shoes of your customer.

  7. Jat Bhogal

    This is huge, I never knew it was so easy to get my business/blog locally found and recognised.

    1. Well, I’m glad if it helps!

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