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Link Quantity: Only Way To Escape Panda’s Jaws?

Steven April 10, 2012 One response SEO 9 views

Everyone knows that Google have been throwing their weight around recently, the deindexing of high PR blog networks has caused havoc in the SEO community. Lots of people have been hit with messages from Google warning of unnatural linking activities – this message is normally followed by a nose dive in the SERPS. So, is it possible to rescue a penalized website? Lots of people seem to be saying it is.

link building

Build more links!

It’s still unclear as to whether these big tumbles in the SERPS are due to penalties imposed by Google, in fact just mass link loss (some people had thousands of links from these high PR networks remember). What is for sure is that if your website is ever going to make it to the top of the SERPS, you’re going to need to build more links to it. Don’t just sign up to one of the remaining high PR blog networks though, take some time to do it properly.

There are loads of places that you can get whitehat links from. Do some guest posts on related blogs in your niche, post some comments on related blogs, write some articles and put them on sites like Hugpage or Ezine – you really are spoilt for choice. Don’t go building links using mass-automated tools, these will probably only do more harm than good in your recovery efforts.

Think about where you’re building links to

One of the strange things about the loss of SERPS due to using blog networks is that entire websites haven’t been hit – instead it appears only those web pages that were heavily linked have been hit. You might want to think about moving the content from the page you’re trying to rank to a fresh page on your domain – you should find it a lot easier to rank. Don’t use the same old blackhat methods though, get legitimate backlinks that won’t cause you hassle in the future. Don’t forget to put a 301 in place for your old page too – because it will still have a lot of backlinks pointing at it.

Linkbuilding best practices should be adhered to also – remember not to build too many links using anchor text, and definitely don’t use the same anchor text for each and every link. Try to ensure that over 50% of your link profile is “naked” links – and not links that use anchor text, it just doesn’t look natural. Another small tip that seems to be working for some people is to alter the meta data on the page(s) that have taken a tumble in the SERPS.

It’s still early days and there’s no way of knowing exactly how to reverse the effects of the latest Panda update, and the blog networks being deindexed. If you haven’t already then now is definitely the time to knuckle down and start building only quality links, whilst publishing only high quality, totally unique content on your website.

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  1. CPA Marketing KJ

    Social bookmarking have worked really great for me and still it does work great ,when i am working on my own or my clients websites i always use mixture of article marketing, press releases and social bookmarking and it does work. I have ranked many of my own and my client`s website by using diverse links . Link diversity is the key

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