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link love is in the airAs a blogger, I spend a lot of time reading other people’s blog on a wide variety of subjects such as SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online, WordPress, Traffic Generagion, Email Marketing, Business, and many more.

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On a regular basis, I discover articles which deliver great value, so I thought you might be interested to read that too.

Here are some of my latest discoveries:

  1. Negatives of Outsourcing: Interviews, Firing, and No Sleep
    by Ian Fernando on IanFernando
    Explains the 3 most painful part of his outsourcing experiences: the interview process, management and time difference.
  2. Is Neverblue Going Out of Business?
    by Pace Lattin on Performance Marketing Insider
    Performance Marketing Insider reported earlier that Velo Holdings Inc, that owns among other things owns Neverblue had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection during the restructuring in order to try to save the company. The question remains, what does this mean for Neverblue and are they going out of business?
  3. You Master Nothing By Committing 25%
    by Martin Osborn on FinchSells
    This is a law of affiliate marketing that will remain true as long as the industry exists. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, or how ambitious, or even how lucky; if you fail to appreciate the importance of concentrated effort, you will forever be surrounded by mediocre results.
  4. If It Ain’t Broke, Keep Milkin’ It: Getting the Most Out of Your One-Trick Pony
    by Rebecca Kelley on ShoeMoney
    Rebecca develops the strategy that Rovio (the company behind Angry Birds) has put together to keep milking over and over their series of games.
  5. How to Stabilize Your Affiliate Marketing Business
    by Justin Dupre on JustinDupre
    Justin explains how instable the Affiliate Marketing industry is and shares some things he has done, and that you can follow, to become a better marketer and hold on to campaigns just a bit longer.
  6. Affiliates and the Problem of Last Minute Coupon Search
    by Geno Prussakov on AM Navigator
    Geno shares his view regarding Coupon Affiliates and how the search for coupons can disrupt the sale process and attribute the sale to the wrong affiliate.
  7. Does Google Hate SEO? Huge Changes!
    by Brian Hawkins on Hot Blog Tips
    There is a lot of talking going on around SEO since Google Panda striked. Brian shares his opinion and advices to work hand in hand with Google and keep growing you search engine traffic.
  8. Why Working Too Hard Sucks and How it Can Hurt Your Blog?
    by Jeevan Jacob John on Famous Bloggers
    This very interesting by Jeevan explains why always working harder is probably not the best long term solution for any business.
  9. The Hottest & Best SEO Trends for 2012
    by Shaan Haider on ShaanHaider
    For a business struggling with startup costs, outsourcing SEO work for a website can be an effective method of cutting costs without reducing quality. SEO is essential for gaining traffic, and while the field may seem simple enough on the surface, the fact is that it is a dynamic, rapidly changing area with many major trends emerging in the last few months and several more set to emerge in the next few.
  10. How to Turn Off Google Web History
    by Justin Germino on Dragon Blogger
    If you are a casual Internet user and have a Google email address you should be aware that your information belongs to Google. What many probably don’t realize is just how much information Google is collecting across all of it’s services as it paints a “Web History” of what you are doing or attempting to do online.

A big thank you to all these bloggers for sharing their views with their readers. I hope you’ll find some interesting stuff in these articles as well!

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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