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Long before Bella and Edward started making vampire babies in the hills outside Seattle, there were real vampires and werewolves traipsing around the Underworld. OK, they weren’t really real. But somebody at Wikipedia sure thinks they could have been. So before we start talking about Internet marketing and Underworld, we’re going to look at some of the stupid crap you find at Wiki.

internet marketing underworld

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OK, under the list of characters we have, Kravin, a fictional character, Sonja, Soren and Viktor, also fictional characters, and Lucian and Raze, also fictional characters. I kid you not, that’s what Wikipedia says. All other characters do not have the tag ‘fictional character’ immediately after their name. So, are we to assume that all the other Vampires and Lycans who inhabit Underworld are real? Because that’s how it looks to me, folks.

Which leads us, of course, to a discussion about quality content and the trust factor. And really, if you can’t trust the facts at Wikipedia, what facts can you trust?

What is Google looking for when they scan your site?

No discussion of website content would be complete without bringing Google into the fray. They do have their finger in every pie these days. So how, exactly, does Google define quality content? Ask yourself these questions while looking at your own blog or website:

  • Is this content trustworthy? Meaning, if it’s some type of advice, would you feel comfortable following it?
  • It this content thin or does it sound like it was written by someone who really understands the topic?
  • Does this blog have duplicate content or articles that overlap and provide the same information with a slight variation in keywords?
  • Do you trust this site enough to give them your credit card information?
  • What about grammar and spelling errors? Is the content readable?
  • Does this look like automated content or is it well-written with the needs of the reader in mind?
  • If this site is offering medical advice, would you take it?
  • Would you share this content with your friends at Facebook or Twitter?
  • Are there an excessive number of ads on your blog?
  • Do readers complain about your site?

These are the basic questions that Google uses to rank your site and I’ve condensed some of them to shorten the list. But you get the picture. How does your site rank in your own eyes? And would you feel comfortable if someone from Google came to visit your blog right now?

Here’s the thing about quality, informative, and engaging content. If you have enough of it, you don’t have to worry about selling. Yeah, you still have to do things like generate traffic and set up landing pages and all that stuff.

But once your site is established people come there for the content. And they automatically know about your products because everybody is already talking about it. When they’re ready to buy they will – and they’ll buy from you. And you won’t have to work so hard to get them to click that button because they’ll already know everything they need to know from your killer content you’ve placed all over the Internet.

Think about your own buying habits. When you’re ready to buy something, you’re ready. You go to the Internet, do a search for that product and buy it. Most of the time you don’t even care what the sales page says because you already know you want to buy that item. You’ve seen enough content already now you’re ready to buy.

The only people who are worried about what’s on your sales page are the people who either haven’t seen your content, they haven’t seen it enough, or they weren’t impressed by it to begin with. And we all know how hard it is to write a sales page that converts. So that means it’s time to focus on your content.

It makes much more sense to plaster the Internet with your content. Get your brand out there so people are ready to buy without even seeing your sales page. Post videos on YouTube, do some guest blogging, submit articles, get out and about on Twitter and Facebook and other relevant social networks. Let people see your face and your brand and let your content do the selling. It takes a lot of pressure off your poor sales page.

Now, what’s the one lesson we learned about Internet Marketing from Underworld? Oh, yeah. There really is such a thing as vampires and werewolves.

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  1. Joseph

    Surely content is King. Those basic questions you’ve listed above that Google uses to rank your site are the type I haven’t seen anywhere else. I need to ask exactly those questions whenever I take a look at any of my sites.

    Thanks Steven.

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