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You might think that the only thing you’d have to learn from Cameron is how to be a successful movie maker but there’s much more to the man than meets the eye. Let’s cut to the chase and see just what we can learn about Internet Marketing from James Cameron.

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Follow Your Passions

It’s been said thousand of times – the best way to make money is to follow your passions. And it’s even more true when it comes to Internet Marketing. Cameron didn’t set out to become rich by creating blockbuster movies. His passion was to create those blockbuster movies. The money came along because he followed his passion.

If there’s something you’re passionate about, then you do it, or talk about it, or work at, it because your passion compels you to learn more about it and become the best in your area of expertise. And it’s when you achieve a certain level of expertise that your readers start to view you as the authority on your topic. When that happens, the money follows.

You Need to be Determined to Succeed

But following your passion doesn’t always mean what you think it means. You also need to be passionate about Internet Marketing if you want to be successful.

Think about it. There are millions of successful blogs and websites devoted to things like acne medication, products the eliminate foot odors and products that take care of jock itch. Do you really think the owners of those sites are passionate about those products? Of course not. What they are passionate about is making money online.

Be Patient and Learn

You don’t just start out making blockbuster movies, there’s a learning curve involved. You have to learn the business, you have to learn how the equipment works, you have to learn how to network and market. Cameron didn’t achieve over night success. He started at zero knowledge and had to work his way up and it took years of dedication to achieve his goal.

The same thing is true with Internet Marketing. Well, maybe not the years part. But there’s a huge learning curve with Internet Marketing as well. There are so many little things you need to do every day if you want to be successful – writing content, building links, commenting on other blogs. You need to be passionate about making money online and you need to be determined to succeed so you’ll be motivated to learn everything you need to know.

The mistake that a lot of new marketers make is to wait until they think they know everything before they even get started. You’ll never know everything there is to know about Internet marketing because everything online changes so quickly. If you’re waiting until your the best, you may never get started.

Go ahead and get that first website up and running and use it to help you gain more knowledge.

Over-deliver on Content

One of the most difficult tasks you’ll need to learn is how to create killer content. Four of Cameron’s movies were record breakers in terms of the money it cost to make them. And when Terminator 2 was released they even had to raise ticket prices to cover some of the expense. Yet movie-goers were willing to fork over the extra fifty cents because they knew they’d get more than they paid for because Cameron’s previous movies were all worth more than what they’d paid for those tickets, too.

The only way to develop a reputation for excellence online is to consistently provide quality content and over-deliver on your promises. Your readers have no other way to learn about you and learn to trust you than through your content.

And it’s important that you start over-delivering on killer content right from the very beginning. You have no idea when a new visitor is going to arrive on your blog, or what post they’re going to land on. If Cameron’s first couple of movies had been B-movies or worse, he’d never have been able to attract an audience willing to pay extra to see one of his movies.

The key Internet Marketing lesson we can learn from James Cameron is this: When you consistently produce over-the-top content, you won’t have to worry about convincing your readers to opt-in to your list or read your email or buy your product. Just like those movie-goers who paid extra for their tickets without asking any question, your readers will do it because they already trust you and they know you over-deliver and give them more than you promised.

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