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I loved that little squirrel in the Ice Age movie. That poor little guy was starving to death and he had so much trouble taking care of that huge acorn. The movie really had several lessons in it. It talked about courage and teamwork and tenacity. It occurred to me that Ice Age had a lot of good lessons that could be applied to Internet Marketing.

ice age internet marketing

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Courage: As the name suggests, this animated feature takes place during the Ice Age. Several animals, including a sloth, a wooly mammoth and a saber tooth tiger are frantically escaping from an encroaching glacier when they come across an abandoned human baby. Fearing for their own safety, the trio must make a decision. Should they bring the baby along and try to find his parents? Even if it meant risking their own lives?

Of course, they made the right decision. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been a movie. They decided to bring the baby along on their new adventure and try to find his parents. A brave decision considering they had no experience with humans, they had no idea how to care for one, and they didn’t know what lay ahead on the path to a new land.

If you’ve taken the leap into Internet marketing you’re probably having some of those same thoughts. You have no experience and you’re afraid of what the future holds. Don’t worry. It’s normal. A little fear is a good thing because it keeps you on your toes.

Tenacity: In the movie the main characters meet with all sorts of adversity. They don’t know where they’re going so the get lost a lot. They travel over rough terrain, through horrible weather, and they meet some fearsome creatures along the way. But they’re tenacious. They will find a home for that baby and they will get themselves to safety.

You’re going to have to be tenacious, too, because you’re going to have some big obstacles to overcome. If you’ve never worked online before then the Internet is going to seem just like the terrain in that movie – a cold frozen tundra strewn with boulders and cavernous fissures. But there are greener pastures. Just over the next horizon.

The hard part is staying focused on your goals. There are so many distractions on the Internet and a lot of them are going to be very tempting. Like the guide that promises to show you how to make $1000 today or the guide that promises you a thousand people will visit your blog tomorrow. Just click here now!

The animals in The Ice Age stayed focused on their goal and that’s the only way they were able to make it to safety. You need to pick a path, make a plan and stick to it, just like they did, if you hope to reach your own goal.

Creative problem solving: The animals don’t really start making much progress until they get it through their heads that they have to cooperate and support one another. They have to use each other’s strengths to survive.

Maybe you have help and maybe you don’t, but in either case you’re going to have to be creative to compete on the Internet. The Internet is huge and there’s a lot of competition out there. In the beginning, you’re bound to be a little timid but that has to stop immediately.

Even experienced marketers run up against new problems every day and if you were to pay someone to solve all of those problems for you you’d be broke long before you started making any money yourself. One of the positive aspects of Internet Marketing is that you can learn as you go. Just be sure to put that knowledge to use to solve your own problems and create unique marketing opportunities.

It seems like the whole movie is about overcoming adversity and in a way it is. But it’s also about being brave enough to even make the attempt. A lot of people are afraid to work online because they think it’s some foreign planet or something but marketing online is really no different than any other type of marketing. You’re just using a computer.

When you feel yourself becoming discouraged, think of the Internet marketing lessons you can learn from Ice Age. Heck, take a break and go watch the movie! You’ll relax a little and you’ll gain a whole new perspective now that you know what to watch for.

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    Nice work Steven :) After I read your post, to me Internet Marketing is like watching ‘Madagascar’. Suddenly I started relating characters from the movie to the way we practice Internet Marketing.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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