Lame Blog: 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

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Wondering why your blog’s not getting traffic? Put a poll on it and ask your readers if they think it sucks, and then ask them why. Chances are it will be at least one of the following ten reasons.

your blog sucks

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  1. It’s cluttered with ads: Everybody knows that blogs have to have ads to make money and everybody knows there are expenses involved with blogging. So your readers are willing to accept the fact that you have ads on your blog. But they’ve come to your blog for information and if they can’t find it because your blog is cluttered with ads … well, there’s a limit to what they’ll accept.
  2. You ramble too much: Get to the point. In fact, you’ll have better results if you start with the point and use as few words as possible to elaborate.
  3. You talk about you too much: Unless you’re running a personal blog your readers really don’t care what you had for breakfast or what your favorite drink is at Starbucks. They also don’t care how wonderful you are, how successful you are or how sexy your fiance is.
  4. Your content is obviously not original: Blogs have been around for quite some time now and readers know when they’re being handed content that’s copied from an article directory or it’s been spun out a few thousand times. Either be original and unique or go home.
  5. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious: There’s no crime in being poor at spelling and grammar. The crime occurs when you publish it on your blog and expect your readers to believe you care about their needs.
  6. You don’t post often enough: If you’re not posting at least once a week then you’re not really concerned about your readers. It’s obvious you’re not worried if they come back if you’re going to keep serving them the same cold dish day after day after day…
  7. You’re not consistent: Your readers have other things to do and a lot of them make time to visit your blog and they do it on a regular schedule. Post three days in a row, take a week off, post four days in a row, take three days off… they’ll never be able to plan ahead.
  8. It hurts my eyes: Those bright colors and flashing banners bother my eyes but those purple or black backgrounds with a white font actually hurt. I’d love to read your content but I can’t right now. My eyes are busy popping out of my head.
  9. It’s NSFW: A lot of your readers visit your blog while they’re at work. If videos automatically open when they hit your page then their boss might hear it. And pictures of naked people or animals doing disgusting things? Not. Safe. For. Work. If you have to use it, put it behind a jump and warn your readers ahead of time.
  10. It’s just plain boring: Yawn. You write like you work for Encyclopedia Britannica and you never have any videos or cool images. I might as well be reading Wikipedia.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    You nailed it Steven! Many bloggers have a tough time growing their readerships because they simply try too hard to succeed, and one – or all – of these reasons is the end result.

    Simple works in the blogging world. Simple means: creating good content daily, building your network and using a clear, simple theme that makes the biggest money maker on your blog jump out at readers…yep, your content.

    Keep up the awesome work/play!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ryan. You’re right, I see a lot of people who are over-complicating things… When I was just starting blogging, I put a LOT of stuff on my blog. But as time goes by, I remove almost everything and keep only the essential things.

  2. I hate the flashing junk and songs that start playing. Annoying. Like your advice “don’t talk too much”. As per Mark Twain: use plain, simple language, short words and brief sentences. That is the way to write English. THNX

    1. Where there is any kind of music on auto-play I usually close the window in less than 2 seconds.

      Your comment is quite funny: Talking about the “right” way to write english and finishing with “THNX”… ;)

  3. Malhar

    Great one!!

    Agree with the point about sticking to the schedule and using great graphics!

    Though I have still seen many scrapers doing a good job and are widely acclaimed!

    Adding one more to what you said – have some great CTAs, this will engage the readers and will also make them come back to your blog.

    1. Content scrapers come and go… If they don’t get down with the latest Google update, they will get down in the future… And some other will pop up.

  4. Garen

    Hey Steven,

    A simple yet effective post. Just put a poll up :) Personally, I hate reading those post that are 3,000 words. Usually I just leave the site. I have found adding videos a lot help too. I am going to be implementing more videos in 2013. Great tips, one I would like to add is give them a reason to comeback or participate with you on social media.

    1. Hey Garen, long posts are boring if they could be rewritten in 500 words. But some long posts are good if they bring a lot of value. ;)

  5. Jena Isle

    I agree with every point but can you be more specific with what you mean by cluttered? How many ads are considered cluttered?

    1. Hello Jena, it’s a matter of personal appreciation. I can’t give you a hard number like “no more than 2 ads in your sidebar” or “after 4 ads, your sidebar is cluttered”. Put as many or as few as you feel comfortable with.

  6. I find if the type if too small or hard to read a reason to leave the page immediately Steven. It could the best written blog but if I can’t read it, it does no good. Blogs without pictures also are a turn-off. They make it harder to read and a little boring. Who doesn’t like Charlie Brown?

    1. Lisa, I agree with you about the font-size. It’s really annoying when it’s too small.

      About the pictures, I don’t fully agree. It depends if the blog post is nicely structured with titles, subtitles, lists…

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