Ideal Posting Frequency: How To Find Mine?

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I always have a problem with people who try to break everything down into absolutes. When someone tells me I have to do something exactly this way, my first reaction is always, “Oh yeah? I think you’re wrong. I’m gonna do it my way and prove it.” So if you’ve come here looking for an exact number, you’re not going to like my answer. The ideal posting frequency is whatever works best for you and your visitors.

Generally speaking, the more frequently and consistently you post, the better your traffic. If you can publish a post 5 days a week, and do it week after week after week, your traffic will grow consistently. Assuming, of course, you’re publishing good content.

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The only “absolute” I’ve found is that you need to post consistently, and even that’s not carved in stone. Generally, though, if your readers get used to seeing a new post every day they’re going to come to expect it. And then, if you take a few days off, they’re going to think you disappeared.

Now, as to the ideal posting frequency. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • It’s never easy to publish a new blog post every day, or multiple times throughout the day. In the beginning, you’re struggling with finding your blogging voice and learning about blogging, and as your blog grows you’re struggling with all the other tasks that come along with blogging.
  • If you’re like some bloggers, your blog might not even be your only publishing platform.
  • If you’re blogging about celebrities or political news you may want to publish several times each day so you can keep up with all the breaking news. On the other hand, you may prefer to focus on one key story each day and go into greater detail than all your competitors.
  • If you’re blogging about recipes you can publish once a day and your readers would probably be perfectly happy. On the other hand, you might want to only publish three times a week so you have time to make a video to accompany each post.

I’ve known very successful bloggers who publish once a month, once a week, once a day and several times a day. Heck, I even know one blogger who only publishes about eight times a year. Yes, publishing more frequently generally helps increase your traffic. But as I’ve said many times before, it’s not the number of daily visitors you receive, it’s what you do with the traffic. It’s always better to focus on providing top-quality content with your own unique perspective. If that means posting less frequently, then so be it.

I recently started a new blog which perfectly illustrates my point that we’re focusing too much on quantity over quality, here. My blog is five months old. It has a total of 30 posts that have been published at irregular intervals. I’ve sometimes gone for weeks at a time without posting anything and this blog already has a PR2 rating. As for traffic numbers, I get less than 1,000 visitors a month, but I make more than $3,000 a month with this one blog because of the way it’s leveraged.

So you see, when it comes to ideal posting frequency or ideal this or ideal that, I’ll never give you an absolute number because then you’ll be focusing on that number instead of what you should really be paying attention to: Focus on providing the best quality content on the Internet and leverage the traffic you attract.

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  1. Hi Steven,

    I’m with you on this. Recently, I started a new blog which is about 5 months old now with only 6 posts. That blog is now PR 2 and the traffic is steady. My blog which have been about 4 years old and which I labor on every day posting at least 2 times a week has remained PR 2 for about 2yrs now. Though the traffic is ok, I hardly make anything from it.

    I have come to understand that it is not really the traffic that matters but like you said, what you are doing with that traffic. Deciding on a posting schedule should really be on what you aim to achieve. For now, I have decided not to pay attention to most of these rules that many bloggers want to dish out everyday. I’m now working on my experience and what I see other business bloggers doing that is bringing them results.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to compare 2 blogs and to know why one of them is working better than the other one… You have it right Chadrack, do not listen to what everyone is saying about posting frequency and find your own schedule.

  2. Christopher

    How are you making money via your blog? Are you selling product? If yes, what product?

    1. It’s quite a mystery, isn’t it? ;)

  3. Herman

    Great post I could not agree more.

    1. Thanks Herman

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