How To Make Money Online Starting Your Own Local Business Passion

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When you think about it, it only makes sense, when you’re looking for business ideas, to start a business based on something you’re passionate about. The only problem is, when you’re starting a local business, in your own small community, there may not be enough people who share your passion to make that a profitable choice. Thanks to the Internet, you’re no longer limited to your own local community. Thanks to the World Wide Web you can make money online, starting your own local business, selling something that you’re passionate about.

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make money online from your passion

The first piece of advice that most entrepreneurs hear is that they should base their business on something they’re interested in. Something they’re passionate about. For example, if you hate baking cakes, you’d probably hate running a bakery and you probably wouldn’t be very successful. On the other hand, if you love cooking, you’d probably love being the chef in your own restaurant and you’d have more interest in creating a successful business.

The problem, in the past, with basing your business plan on your passions, was that there may not be enough interest or need in your area to make your business profitable. If everyone baked their own cakes, they’d have no need of yours. If you were passionate about rose gardening and you lived in the middle of the dessert, you’d have no market for your rose bushes. In the past, the size and demographics of your marketplace were major considerations and imposed strict limitations when it came to starting your own business.

However, now we have the Internet and the marketplace has suddenly grown. You can sell your products to people all over the world just by setting up a simple website. You’re no longer limited by the demographics within a 50 mile range of your business. Now you have no limits at all. People all over the world are now setting up small, local businesses and selling products and services that they’re passionate about. And the reason they’re able to do this is because of the Internet.

Let’s say you’re passionate about rock collecting and you’ve been thinking for years about opening up a little shop. You want to sell picks and polishing cloths and tumblers. But you also want to sell rocks you’ve been collecting and trading over the years. This is something you’ve always been interested in. It’s your passion and you’d love to turn it into a money-making enterprise.

But really, how profitable would it be? You only have so many rocks in your collection. You’d have to buy inventory – including the tools and tumblers and other items you’d want to sell. You’d have to pay rent for a storefront. And where would the money come from? Is there really a market for your beautiful rocks in the small town you’re living in?

There may be enough of a market to get your started. But don’t forget – now your market is the entire World Wide Web. And while there may only be a few people in your town who’d be interested in buyig your rocks, there are millions of people on the Internet who’d jump at the chance. All you need is a website.

With a website, you’d improve your business in two ways:

  1. Attract more local traffic: More people from the surrounding area might frequent your shop if they knew it existed. These days everyone turns to the internet when they’re looking for something and if you don’t have a website, they won’t know you’re there. Once you have a site there are all kinds of marketing techniques you can use to promote your local business. In fact, Google is focusing a lot of their attention on making it even easier for local small businesses to use the Internet for promotion of their brick and mortar shops.
  2. Build an online business: A website will help you expand into markets all over the world. When people products on the Internet, most of the time they’re doing a generic search, just looking for the best website, regardless of whether there’s an actual shop attached. And there are a variety of techniques you can use to promote your website, just like you promote your business.

It’s easy enough to set up an online store to sell your rocks and equipment. Several payment processors, such as PayPal even have specific programs set up for the small business owner who wants to expand into the Internet Marketplace.

So, know that you know it really is possible to make money online starting your own local business selling something that you’re passionate about, what is it that fuels your passion?

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  1. Ivin

    Hello Steven. I actually caught some news that Google Places is now Google local and your Google + activity will influence that heavily. Notable right? I hate it when they keep changing stuff.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      That’s a good change for people who have location based exact match keyword domains for their website businesses. It’s also made exit strategy even easier.

    2. David

      google seems to be promoting local searches higher too – for local people.

    3. Joseph

      I think Google is trying to as well bring more people to the internet through localizing content. You can trying checking one of the many projects they are running here in Africa

    4. David

      I saw that news too. Google will probably always change stuff around. I think they have the best ideas for testing as they have so many great engineers to draw from

    5. Jeffreyskang

      yeah and facebook ‘only’ has ~600 engineers to develop software. but i have to say the targeting on fb is not too shabby.

    6. Joseph

      Not too shabby? Let me not try to think that you mean it’s a bit shabby (off-course am thinking exactly that). Facebook is way too creative. Unlike Google, Facebook knows exactly how to focus only on the effective products. Google, for instance, has lots of products – the ‘rock star’ ones and the crappy ones. I bet it would be much better if they only focused on those that brings us closer to the future.

    7. Joseph

      Yes Dave, Google will always keep testing the waters. But I highly doubt they do so because of the ample engineers they have, they might as well be doing it because they have a huge audience to count from. This way, they are always in search of best ways to impress the huge crowd.

    8. Joseph

      Ooh, I guess Google might be one heck of a company – trying this today if it doesn’t work rethink it tomorrow in a more effective way. Taking Google places to Google seems to be well thought of and I guess it will be okay among many Googlers.

  2. Jeffreyskang

    on another note, here’s something that i’ve been thinking would be a great start for beginners who are thinking about starting their own local business.

    develop a local exact match domain and attract a small number of unique visitors per day, say 25. then sell advertising on that site to local small businesses in the same niche that you’re so passionate about.

    you can meet people who may be able to help you get your supplies for your small business, and you can also do a little spying on their prices and how much they spend on advertising each month.

    1. David

      or you could start a local networking group. charge the members for the meeting and have a website where you can sell advertising to the local networking group + anyone else who would want to pay to advertise there. – within reason, of course.

    2. Joseph

      Thanks Jeffrey and Dave. The are nice ideas and I think if well thought of, can work.

  3. Icciev

    Hi Steven and Ivin, Actually you brought a free interesting discussion, Google Places is a new feature within Google that allows you to review and rate businesses in your local. Within Google Places you will find all your near by businesses on the map with the ability to search for the business, read the reviews from local people or people whom visited that place or do a review on the business on your own. This will extremely effect businesses that are trying to rank locally. If you think of it you will find it interesting not only for businesses but for people as well. imagine that you are searching for a restaurant and then you find reviews and recommendations from people whom already visited the restaurant before you go their wouldn’t be that awesome! in a nutshell; Google+ will effect all search engine results while Google places will effect local search engine results.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      there is no question that google places will affect local search engine ranks for small businesses, but for those who don’t solely rely on the internet are already at their maximum capacity and do not need to draw in more customers into their business.

    2. David

      I know a guy who is good at ranking local businesses. He markets himself to those businesses to get them ranked locally for their keywords. He says it is much easier than trying for a nationwide ranking

    3. Jeffreyskang

      i’ve found finding domains with the state, city, county along with the niche is getting really tough nowadays, so getting a good exact match is almost impossible. of course, exact matches are not 100% necessary, but they are ideal for setting up long term hubs for businesses.

      how do you think zip codes will fare as part of the domain name?

    4. David

      I think there are plenty of spam websites that key in on zipcodes. try keying a zip into google and take a look at some of the sites that pop up. weird stuff.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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