How To Make Money Online in Network Marketing or MLM

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There was a time when network marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) had really bad reputations and people avoided these programs like the plague. Times have changed though and the arena’s been cleaned up. These days, some of the most successful businesses in the country are built around networking or MLM concepts. And when you add in the benefits of Internet promotion, it’s easy to see why so many have turned to network marketing and MLM as a way to make money online.

make money online network marketing mlm

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With standard networking and MLM programs you make money two ways: you earn a percentage of sales for promoting the manufacturer’s products and you earn a percentage of sales from the people who you recruit to join the company under you. The more people you recruit, the larger your network or downline, and the more money you make.

Long before the Internet, a lot of these network marketing programs were concentrating only on adding recruits and you were paid simply for bringing new recruits into the company. No body really focused on actually selling products. In the end these companies went out of business due to lack of sales and the fact that the only people making money were those at the top of the heap, and it’s illegal to operate this way now.

I’m bringing all of this up to answer any fears you may have and to let you know that, when you do find an online MLM or networking opportunity that you’re interested in, it’s a perfectly legal and often extremely profitable way to do business. In fact, you might recognize a few names – Mary Kay Cosmetics is a great example of a network marketing business model. As well as Longaberger Baskets, PartyLite Candles and thousands of other household names. And all of these businesses can be conducted online.

Many MLM and networking companies have already recognized the great potential of Internet promotion and you’ll find that most offer pre-built websites when you join. Along with your training materials and product packages, they set you up with a website and show you how to use it. Just having a website, though, doesn’t guarantee you instant success.

How to Make Money Online in Network and MLM Marketing

In most cases, the person who recruited you will be able to offer guidance and training to help you attract Internet traffic that’s relevant to the specific business. But there are some things you can do on your own to help drive sales and get more recruits:

Start your own blog: If your website doesn’t already have a blog attached – and most won’t – then it’s a good idea to start your own. You can offer your readers tips and advice on using your products and you can also use it to recruit new members and build your downline. Many network marketers set up separate blogs – one to attract buyers and one to attract recruits. The benefit of having a blog is that it helps you connect with your readers and develop a stronger bond, which leads to repeat sales and a larger, stronger downline.

Join social sites: Facebook and Twitter are practically a must these days. Everybody hangs out on social sites. Create you own account or Fan page and start connecting with people. If you’re working in an online business, concentrate on finding people who would be interested in either using or selling your products. Also consider searching out local users if your sales methods involve home parties or some type of personal contact.

Generate a mailing list: Once you have a blog or website then it’s time to start generating a mailing list. Since you’re paid to bring and recruits and to sell products, it’s a good idea to generate two lists so you can send each of them relevant information. Oftentimes a possible new recruit candidate will visit your site and be interested, but not really sure. Once they leave your site they probably won’t find their way back. By capturing their name for your mailing list you can send them regular emails telling them about the benefits of your company and offering to help them when they decide to join.

To find online network marketing or MLM opportunities simply plug both terms into your search engine. You’ll see thousands of results. Some better than others, but the benefit of working with the online sites is that you can join as many as you want and run everything right from your home computer. Making money online in network marketing or MLM is a safe and easy path to build your online empire.

When you're learning how to make money online in network marketing or mlm, you need to understand that the very first step is to create a website. If you're interested in starting your own blog, I have written a step-by-step guide that will show you how to start a successful blog for as little as $3.49 per month (this low price is guaranteed only through my link). You will also receive your own domain name for free ($15 value) by clicking on this link and purchasing at least 12 months of hosting with BlueHost. Keep in mind that if you're learning how to make money online in network marketing or mlm, the first thing you need is your own self-hosted website. It will help you look more professional in front of your visitors, clients, companies, and everyone else.

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  1. Icciev

    Hi Steven,

    I am not sure about MLM, I still feel it’s unsafe and have lot of spam. I feel more safe with Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is very similar to MLM, however in Affiliate marketing you don’t have to buy anything and companies pay to limited level of tiers. I know some people where able to make a lot of money with MLM but I don’t feel it safe and prefer Affiliate marketing.

    1. Joseph

      I also not quite sure about MLM, but counting from this article at least I can clear the doubts.

      Very much thanks to Steven for sharing this information.

  2. Amanda@buysellwordpress

    The number of posts devoted to earning money online is really huge! People offer absolutely different ways, that can be really effective. Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of information

    1. Joseph

      That’s the good thing with Dukeo – useful, useful and useful content. Steven is kind of guy everyone needs to look up to if you want to learn how to earn a living online.


    2. David

      Yes, it is very useful information.

    3. Joseph

      Thanks Dave for agreeing with me. I think the best thing to say thanks to Steven is to share the content with friends and tell them how awesome Dukeo is.


  3. David

    Hi Steven,

    I have two questions:

    1. Are you involved in any of these MLM companies currently

    2. Are you actually earning decent money from it (them)?

    I always like to ask that question whenever getting involved in a discussion of MLM.

    I’ll be upfront with you, I have a very dim view of network marketing and MLM. And that view is based on personal experiences with a more than a few.

    Thanks in advance for responding to the questions.

    1. I’m not involved in any MLM. However I have friends who are banking with MLM.

  4. Joseph

    Simplified: A blog + social networks + mailing lists = Successful network marketing or MLM.

    But hey, don’t take it easy – success is also not without luck and that luck is your ambition.

    Thanks everyone.

  5. Joseph

    Note: Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in all aspects of life. Time is such a precious commodity that really cannot be wasted. We have all know how compounded interest works with money, building your business also works on the same principle. It starts slow at first then gains momentum as our skills and education grow.

    Am wishing successful network marketing to everyone.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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