How To Make Money Online Flipping Expired Domains

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Flipping expired domains is a lot like flipping Real Estate. A domain name is the address for your Internet Real Estate and you can make just as much money in this market as you can the offline Real Estate market, as long as you know what you’re doing. Here’s how to make money online flipping expired domains.

make money online flipping expired domains

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Those people you see on TV who’ve made a lot of money flipping Real Estate all learned one very important lesson – Research the property before you buy it. Not every piece of Real Estate is flippable and some flips are more profitable than others. There’s a lot you need to consider when you’re flipping Real Estate, whether it’s online or off.

Use any one or a combination of the following factors to evaluate an expired domain to help you decide if it’s something you can flip.

Page rank: If the domain has only recently expired it might still be carrying some page rank and authority. Wouldn’t it be cool to trip over an expired domain that has a 8 or 9 page rank! Don’t hold your breath….

Backlinks: Look to see if there are any incoming backlinks and then, even more important, look to see where they’re coming from. If those links are coming from porn sites or scammers or some other questionable site, pass it up.

Traffic: Is there still incoming traffic? If so, how are they getting there? What keywords are attracting those visitors? Is it traffic worth having or are they just landing there because of some screwed up link somewhere?

Reputation: Do a Google search to see what comes up under that domain. Does is have a good reputation? Has it been through a few dozen owners? What have they all done with it – were they playing nice? See what kind of reputation that domain name has. It could be like that creepy house down the street that nobody wants to buy because somebody died in the basement a dozen years ago.

The name: Look at the name and the domain. Dot com names are still the best and don’t even bother with a dot info domain. But what’s the actual name? Is it something someone can use or is it one of those names that newbie bloggers make up with the word ‘index’ tacked onto the end? Names are important. Even on the Internet.

How to make money flipping expired domains

If you find a good name at a great price you can always just turn around and auction it off at Flippa. If you don’t like the offers you get you can cancel the auction.

But if you really want to make some money you can do what the house flippers do. Put a little bit of work into it to fix the place up a bit, and then put it on the market. is a good place to start when you’re ready to sell, but you can also sell domains on Ebay or even set up your own site. Here are some things you can do to increase the value of your Internet address:

Clean it up: If there’s still content on the site, either clean it up or delete it. In fact, that’s exactly what Google suggest for every site. If it’s not killer content, all it’s doing it dragging down your site. So the best thing to do is either clean it up or toss it.

Look into cleaning up the incoming links, too, especially if they’re broken or coming from a low-quality, questionable source. Cleaning up content and links may actually increase the value of that domain name because it shows Google you’re working on improving the site.

Add something of value: If there’s already traffic coming in, put up a site or add some content if there’s already a site there. The more traffic that domain gets the more valuable it is. So do something to keep them coming in. And if you’re not selling that domain right away, it won’t hurt to even build more traffic. Each improvement you make will only increase the value of your Internet Real Estate.

Not every expired domain you buy will make you tons of money. Thankfully, Internet Real Estate doesn’t cost a lot. You can pick up expired domains for just a few bucks. If you do the research to ensure you buy valuable properties, and you do the work to fix them up and make them sellable, you can make a lot of money online flipping expired domains for very little money down.

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