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How Long Until My Site Starts Getting Traffic From Google?

Steven January 10, 2013 4 responses SEO 221 views

I know you’re expecting me to give you some deep, dark secret about what you have to do to start getting traffic from Google and WordPress SEO, but really, there’s no magic involved. However, just to put your mind at ease, let’s take a look at what it takes to start attracting that organic traffic.

Your content will automatically be indexed

Before we take a look at some of the myths and misconceptions you’ve heard, it’s important to understand that your content will automatically be indexed by Google – eventually. Generally your new content will be indexed within a few hours, but sometimes it may take as long as three days.

Once your content is indexed, then it becomes possible to get traffic from Google. So, the short answer is: It will take from 1 hour to 3 days before your site starts getting traffic from Google.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the myths.

Should you install a sitemap?

In the past, installing an xml sitemap was a must if you wanted Google to crawl your content and include all of it on the index. But Google’s bots are much smarter now and they automatically detect new content. A sitemap really isn’t necessary. In fact, if you have a large site with lots of content, a sitemap may even make it difficult for the bots to find your new content.

Unique Content

Unique content is a must. While all content is eventually indexed, unique content ranks higher on the index and that higher ranking means you’ll get more traffic, faster.

Now, “unique” doesn’t only mean that it has to be in your own words. The search engines, particularly Google, are smart enough to recognize when you’ve simply re-written someone else’s article in an effort to make it appear “unique.

Unique content is content that can’t be found anywhere else on the web. The best way to create unique content is to make it relevant to your audience. For example, there are probably thousands of blog posts telling you how long it takes before your site starts getting traffic from Google. But I’m giving you this information in my own words and I’m including information to dispel some of the misconceptions.

Relevant Backlinks

Relevant backlinks coming into your blog from other blogs and websites will also make your content rank higher and bring in more traffic, faster. However, they keyword in that sentence is “relevant.” Google is cracking down on link schemes that generate thousands of backlinks from poor-quality or spammy sites.

Now, the best backlinks to have are those that you generate naturally, where webmasters link to you because they value your content and want to share it with their own readers, which takes us back to the “unique” content thing. Other bloggers are more likely to link to your blog if you’re publishing top-quality unique content.

So, in a nutshell, your content will generally be indexed within one to three days, and when it is, it’s possible for you to start getting traffic from Google. However, to make your content appear higher on the index and get you more traffic, faster, then you need to be providing top-quality unique content that has some incoming links to give it a boost in authority.

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4 Comments Add one

  1. Ben Hulme
    Ben Hulme

    This is a really nice post. Natural backlinks are the way forward. I think the idea here is to do things ethically and take your time to get it right and then the traffic will come!

    1. Steven

      Exactly Ben! There is no beating the system. Build quality, relevant links to your site and search traffic will grow by itself.

  2. Alex

    I always wondered who the bloggers are that link to another blogger. Is this one guy or a page full of links on a bloggers blog? What blogger puts links on their blog? Do you mean in one article post? Why would a blogger add another blogger’s link? Maybe you have the answer. I can’t even guess. Thanks for reminding me about this wonder of mine. Best to you.

  3. lisa

    I’ve been wondering why my pages arn’t getting indexed propperly? When you make changes to already indexed posts meta and description tag, how long would it take for google to reindex them correct and up to date?

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