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Guest Posts Quality: 5 Ways to Improve Yours

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Guest posting is a great option for growing traffic to your blog, but only if you’re writing great guest posts and making sure that they’re the best they can be. A sloppily done guest post can do more harm than good, both for you and the blogger that hosted your guest post. Want to make sure that your guest posts are the best they can be? Then read on for a list of five ways to improve your guest posts.

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  1. Triple check your spelling and grammar. Even one typo can lower your credibility in the eyes of readers, especially readers who aren’t familiar with you and thus aren’t inclined to cut you any slack. The solution, obviously, is to make sure your guest post is completely typo free. Have someone else – if possible, more than one someone – read over your post with you and give you suggestions. After you edit your guest post, let it sit for 24 hours or more and then go back to it with fresh eyes – you’re likely to catch something you may have missed before. Check out this comic of ten words you need to stop misspelling for a humorous take on this.
  2. Reference past posts. This will impress both the blogger that you’re guest posting for and the readers. It shows that you didn’t just slap your guest post together in thirty minutes, and that you’ve done some research. This actually takes very little effort and isn’t time consuming at all – simply skim over the last two or three pages of current posts at the blog you’re guest posting for, taking notes on any posts that look like likely candidates, and also look at the page of most popular posts from the past. This is also a great way to get ideas for guest post topics, as well. You could do a spin-off of a past popular post.
  3. Tailor your post to the blog and readership. You don’t want to lose your own unique voice, but you don’t want to jar the readership, either. If someone who was a touchy-feely yoga practitioner guest posted on a marketer’s blog who was known for being tough and telling it like it is, and didn’t adjust their voice to match, the guest post would most likely be a huge flop with the readers.
  4. These last two tips have less to do with improving the post overall, and more to do with improving the benefits of guest posting for you, but are still important to consider when guest posting.

  5. Link to one or two of your own posts in the guest post. Do not overdo this, because that will make you look tacky and likely annoy the blogger who is hosting the guest post. Just put one or two links in to the post, where relevant – this will most likely multiply the traffic you get to your blog as a result of the guest post.
  6. Have a call to action in the byline. This helps to present a cohesive image to the readers and, if done well, can make them interested enough to click through and maybe even become a regular reader of your blog. Include a little bit of information about you and who you are, the name of your blog and what it’s about, and say something like “For monthly updates and my free ebook, click here to sign up to the mailing list.”

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