Guest Post Guidelines on Dukeo

Dukeo is always open for guest bloggers! If you are looking for some extra exposure for your own blog/website, you should seriously consider guest posting on Dukeo. You will not only receive qualified visitors on the day of the publishing, but you will constantly receive new visitors from us since our pages are highly SEOptimized.

Real First-Hand Experience Only

To make sure our readers get the most value out of your article, we are very selective when reviewing guest posts.

  1. your article must be a tutorial and/or a case study,
  2. your article must be based on real data and/or live examples,
  3. your article must provide our readers with actionable advice they can apply to their own website.

Additional Requirements

Guest posting on Dukeo is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is follow a few guidelines:

  1. At least 1500 words,
  2. proper English,
  3. exclusive content,
  4. no product promotion,
  5. no links in the “body” of the post (except to some authority sites),
  6. a short byline (max 35 words) with a maximum of 2 keyword-rich links to the urls of your choice,
  7. your REAL name (no nickname, no brand name).

Guest Posting Topics

Here is a list of the most popular topics on Dukeo: Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Successful Mindset, Monetization, SEO, Entrepreneurship, WordPress, Internet Marketing, Sale Funnel Optimization, Facebook Advertising, PPC, PPV, Media Buys, Landing Pages, Ad Optimization, Making Money Online…

We may not have listed every possible topic. If you feel that your guest post is related to our regular content, do not hesitate to submit your guest post.

How To Submit Your Guest Post

Getting a guest post published on Dukeo only takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Don’t ask for permission to send a guest post, just send it!
  2. Write an amazing blog post.
  3. Send an email to ‘guest[[]]‘ (replace [[]] with @) with your post and the byline.

Can’t wait to read your guest post!

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