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If you are just starting to get interested into building an online empire, or maybe just a blog, you may be wondering how is your site doing in Google Search Engine. Well, The Almighty Google, in its great generosity did set a couple useful things to get this basic information regarding WordPress SEO.


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Is my site indexed by Google, and to what extent?

Considering you just launched your first online, you probably don’t know if some of your pages are indexed in Google yet. There is a very simple way to check that. In Google Search Engine search for this:

In case some of your website pages are already present in Google Index, they will be displayed on this Search Engine Result Page. If your site is not yet indexed, there is a way to speed things up.

How to get indexed by Google?

If you have been reading a few blogs or forums before launching your first online venture, you may have seen some ads for so-called SEO companies offering to get your website indexed in Google in less than 48 hours for only [insert-dollar-amount] dollars. I’ll be honest with you, run away from these guys, getting indexed by Google takes only a few seconds of work and can be done for free. Google did put together a webpage to submit your website to Google. Once you submit your website, just wait for a couple days, a week at most, and you’ll see some of your pages appearing on Google.

How many webpages are linking back to my website?

Once again, Google created a simple query that lets you know which backlinks are indexed in Google. In Google Search Engine search for this:

Think twice with these results, because Google doesn’t index all the backlinks that your website has. For example, you can make the same research in Yahoo and you will see a lot more results. However, Google Backlinks are used to determine the Pagerank of a website.

What is my Google PageRank and is it still used?

I know there is a lot of discussion to know if Google still uses PageRank a lot to rank the websites in its result pages, but I think you’re better safe than sorry. And anyway these discussions have been around since the invention of PageRank…

There are 3 ways to check the pagerank of your website, that I know of. The first one is provided by Google itself: Once installed, in the options you can decide to display the pagerank for the webpages you visit.

The second possibility to check is through this website: After you submit your website url, you might be prompted with a captcha, then you’ll get your pagerank.

The third tool is the one I am currently using. It’s a software called PaRaMeter. After install, you can simply add your website to its list and check your pagerank. This is not a high-end software, the functionality is limited to the minimum, but it delivers what you expect.

With these tools, you can now have access to this basic information and know how you are doing google-wise. If you use any other tool or service that might help, pelase share in the comments and I might update this post to add them.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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