Get More Blog Comments: Write Unfinished Blog Posts

Sometimes it’s so depressing starting a new blog. You spend hours working on your blog posts, putting together something truly remarkable, and there’s no one there to tall you how great it is. Is there anybody out there listening? Waiting for those first few comments to come in can be frustrating and agonizing. But you can help get the ball rolling by writing unfinished blog posts. Yes, I said “unfinished,” but let me explain before you start jumping up and down.

What is an unfinished blog post?

Before you get the wrong idea, an unfinished blog post is simply a post in which you don’t reveal every single detail you know. In fact, you might even ask your readers to help fill in the details. If you’re writing a list post like “13 Tips To Help Improve Your Writing” you might come to number 13 and tell your readers you’re leaving it up to them to share a tip in the comments.

But you don’t leave out important information because you never know if the next visitor is going to scroll down to the comments to find the rest of the story or not.

And unfinished blog post works for three reasons:

  1. It makes your readers feel special – You may be the expert but how special do your readers feel when they can step in and fill in the blanks? Now they’re sorta like little mini-experts and that makes them feel special.
  2. It helps build community – If people only wanted information they’d go to Wikipedia. People come to blogs because they like to feel part of a community. By opening up the floor to your visitors you’re allowing them to become part of the conversation, which makes them feel part of the community.
  3. Comments breed more comments – A really good conversation begs participation. Lurkers suddenly become Chatty Cathy and once they feel comfortable leaving that first comment they don’t stop there. Soon you’ll have a conversation at the end of every post.

I hesitated to write this post because I’m afraid someone out there is going to misunderstand and just cut off a post in the middle and publish it. I also hate to see bloggers who promise “Top 7 Tips” and then only deliver five in the hopes that you’ll ante up for their ebook so you can get the rest of the story. I’m not recommending either of these scenarios – at all.

What I’m recommending is simple: That you look at your post as an opportunity to start a conversation. Don’t fill in all the details and leave room for others to join in. After all, if you’re doing all the talking there’s nothing left for anyone else to say, and that’s not really a conversation, is it?

Posts that get lots of comment activity usually also get a lot of shares and Tweets and the conversation often spread off your blog onto social networks and even other blogs. So try writing an unfinished blog post today. Who knows? You may soon be the talk of the town.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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