Email Deliverability Rate: How Can You Reach Best Results

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Email marketing is an industry in which lots of people make lots of money, but there are a few common problems that people new to the scene tend to run into. One of these problems is deliverability rate – even though you send out a message to 1,000 recipients, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily be delivered to them all. In fact, you will usually find there’s a percentage of mail that isn’t delivered.

how can your reach maximum email deliverability rate

Avoid spamming users

If your messages come thick and fast, or they don’t look professional, there’s a very high chance that users will report them as spam. Thanks to small buttons placed inside email services, it’s now easier than ever to report messages as spam – which is bad news for email marketers.

In order to avoid your recipients flagging your message as spam when it isn’t, you should make sure that you send out messages sparingly, and that every message offers value to your reader.

If someone does click on that dread spam button your email address could well be black-listed. This means that when you send future messages they could go straight to a spam folder, or a junk folder.

There’s then a lot less chance that your recipients will see your message, and even if they do they probably won’t take any action due to the fact it was detected by a spam filter.

It’s not just the one recipient who will see the message sent to their spam box either –if enough people hit the spam button your email address can be black-listed for all users on that service.

Use an email marketing service

The very best way for you to get the highest possible deliverability rates is for you to use an email marketing service, such as AWeber. These services are made specifically for email marketing, and they’re run by experts.

Services like AWeber will manually approve subject lines and message contents in order to ensure you don’t run the risk of trigger spam filters.

Things like having an unsubscribe link and a physical address in your email messages will all help to win trust with email providers – hence there being less chance that your messages will end up going directly to the spam folder.

These are all email marketing “best practices” anyway, and you really ought to have an unsubscribe link and a physical address at the end of each message in order to full comply with the law.

Another reason that low deliverability rates can sometimes occur is that email addresses go out of use. It can be quite hard to isolate these on your list, but where possible you should identify and remove the messages, so you don’t waste any further resources trying to send messages to inboxes that no longer exist.

The fact is that deliverability rates will be far higher if you use a professional service like AWeber. If you send out well crafted email messages offering value to your readers, they’re less likely to hit the spam button.

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