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Commission Crusher was created by Steve Iser, a well-known Internet marketer who’s making money hand-over-fist and he’s not even 20 years old yet. His sales page is filled with hype, hot air and lots of testosterone-enhanced arrogance and when you read it you’re going to do the same thing everybody before you has done – you’re going to click through just so you can get the opportunity to punch the guy’s lights out!

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Commission Crusher is actually a pretty awesome product once you get beyond Iser’s sales page. The concept is simple – choose a niche, scope out your competition, and steal their ads. Of course, you’ll need a few tools, which Iser provides, and he shows you exactly how to use them.

First, the software. It’s called ‘Ad Assault‘ and it performs keyword-based research to find the top competing sites in any niche. Instead of searching through each and every search engine, using each of your keywords, you just enter them into the program and it does the searching for you.

Now that you know who you’ll be competing against you can analyze each of those sites to find their top performing campaigns. What is it that they’re selling and how are they selling it and what’s keeping them at the top of the index? Ad Assault can tell you.

Next, you get 3 videos that walk you through the entire process, step by step. For all his chest-thumping, Iser is a surprisingly compassionate guy who understands that people of all skill levels will be viewing these videos and he makes sure everything is clearly explained.

The first video is an introduction to Commission Crusher where you’ll Iser gives you an overview of where he came from and where is he now with his Internet marketing career. He also tells you how Commission Crusher can be used to benefit any type of online business.

The next video walks you through the basic research steps and explains the whole process, including how to scientifically calculate EPC.

And the third video is the one that contains all the secrets to the Ad Assault software. This is where you’ll learn how to steal profitable campaigns right out from under your competitors.

Commission Crusher promises that you won’t need a website, you won’t need Clickbank, you won’t need a domain, you won’t need this and you won’t need that. What it doesn’t tell you is that, while the videos are detailed, you will need some experience and a little bit of cash to get started. Because it relies heavily on PPC marketing.

If you’re familiar with PPC then you know if you don’t do the research you can end up losing a lot of money. If that scares you, if you’re still to new to the Internet Marketing game, then maybe you should pass this one up for now.

But some of the most successful Affiliate marketers on the Web made their money with PPC marketing and they continue to do so. It might be one of the most intense marketing methods, but it’s also one of the most profitable. If you do it right.

And that’s where Commission Crusher comes in. If you’ve never tried PPC and you want to, and you’re seriously ready to do the work, or, if you have tried PPC and just can’t seem to get it right, then no matter how experienced you are Commission Crusher will be able to teach you the ropes.

For those of you who already know what you’re doing, Ad Assault is a valuable, time-saving tool, well worth the $47 price tag, especially when you consider the tips and secrets Iser shares to show you how to kill your competition.

You’ll also find some cool upsells after you enter the site. Ten campaigns that are already generating profits on the upsell and 5 on the downsell. As an additional upsell Iser is offering a secret ‘worm’ that helps you generate a veritable swarm of traffic.

In the end, the question is really this simple – How badly do you want to get to the top of the index so you can start generating those obscene profit dollars that you see in all the ads? Aren’t you getting tired of trying to game the search engines and the article directories and the social networks just so you can get a trickle of traffic? Because if you’re ready, and if you’re willing to do the work, Commission Crusher can get you to the top of the index in a heartbeat and you can start cashing those big checks, too.

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