Co-Blogger: 7 Things to Look For

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Bringing on a co-blogger solves a lot of problems. They add more content to your blog, they help with promotion, they bring in additional traffic. But this is your business we’re talking about, and any time you take on a partner you need to be careful. Here are seven things to look for before you bring in a co-blogger.

Someone You Can Work With

You may be located on opposite sides of the world but you’re still going to have to work together. I know, you don’t have to “love” this other blogger, but you do need to be able to work with this person on a long-term basis. Set aside their work ethic, their business knowledge and the quality of their content and just look at the person.

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A few months ago I agreed to work on a project with another blogger. I was acquainted with this blogger and knew she had a good reputation, but I didn’t really know her personally. Well, it didn’t take long to find out no matter how great she was, she had certain personal opinions and personality traits that made it impossible for me to work with her.

Strong Work Ethic

You’re eventually going to want to have at least a bare bones agreement about posting frequency, scheduling, promotion responsibilities and such, but you need to find someone with a strong work ethic who will honor that agreement, whatever it is.

Understands The Business Of Blogging

Look for someone who understands how to write for your audience, how to attract his own new followers, and how to promote not only his blog posts but the entire blog as well. He should understand SEO, and be knowledgeable about current Google algorithm changes. If they already have their own successful blog, so much the better.

Unique, Engaging Content

This is where you may have some problems. You definitely want a co-blogger who knows how to engage your audience and you obviously don’t want to have to worry about the quality or uniqueness of his content. However, you don’t want to control his content to the point where you stifle his creativity.

A co-blogger should add value to your blog, but that doesn’t mean he has to add it the same way you would. His laid-back outlook, humorous content or occasional controversial viewpoint may be just the thing your blog needs to fill in some gaps and attract even more traffic.

Shares Your Vision

Look for a co-blogger who understands what you’re trying to accomplish with your blog, not just someone who can write well. What type of traffic are you attracting now and where do you want to extend your reach? Of course, in order for this person to share your vision, you’re actually going to have to … share your vision.

Creative Thinker

You’ve heard the saying, I’m sure: Two heads are better than one. Don’t look for a co-blogger who’s going to follow you around like a lost puppy. Look for someone who’s creative, who can look at your blog and see where it’s lacking or see where your business might be improved. You don’t have to give this person free reign, but remember, you’re bringing this co-blogger on to add value to your business.

Team Player

In the end, it’s your blog and your business, so you want someone who’s going to be a team player. Someone who can take criticism, from you and your readers, and come back even stronger. Someone you can rely on to either back off or step up whenever needed. You don’t want someone who’s just using your blog to get his links out there and make a name for himself. You need a team player because this is going to be a long-term partnership.

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