Businesses Should Blog: Here’s Seven Reasons Why

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Most businesses understand the value of having a website, but they’re hesitant about adding a blog. In a way, it’s understandable. You can set up a simple website and forget about it, but a blog needs to be updated regularly and frequently. … sigh… If they only understood the benefits…

Here are seven reasons why businesses should have a blog.

Increased Visibility

Set up a 5-page website and you have five positions on the search engine index.

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Add a blog and each new blog post is another URL that turns into another link and another opportunity for visitors to find you, read your blog post and share your unique, informative content with their friends.

You’re casting a wider net that keeps growing and growing each time you add a new post.

The Human Connection

A blog adds a personal touch to your website and lets your visitors see that there’s a real human being behind the screen.

It’s hard enough to do business online because no one can see your face or shake your hand.

Websites can be cold and impersonal, but blogs allow you to make a more personal connection with your visitors.

Customer Feedback

Because you’re making that personal connection your visitors feel more comfortable interacting with your blog.

They’ll leave comments, ask questions, and tell you want they want, making it easier for you to market your products to your audience.

Share Your Knowledge

A blog makes it easier for you to share your knowledge and establish yourself as the expert.

You can put up a 5-page website but is that really all you want to say to your visitors?

Each time you think of something new you want to add you have to edit your page or add a new one.

With a blog, you just type up a quick blog post and you’re done.

Create A Buzz

It’s much easier to create an exciting blog post than it is to change up your whole website.

And the more exciting posts you create the bigger your online buzz.

Because of Google’s focus on localized search, blogs are particularly helpful for generating buzz for local businesses.

Register your business at Google Places For Business and remember to link to your blog. Local results appear first on the index, but you have to be registered so the Google bots recognize your business.

Simultaneous Conversations

Your 5-page website says “Call for more information”, right? How many times have you had callers with the same question?

And if 10 people are calling, you can bet there are probably at least 10 or 20 more who won’t bother.

Put those questions on your blog and you can address that question for everybody, all at the same time.

Inbound Marketing Is Easier

All those informative blog posts with their unique URLs and all that buzz will attract people to your blog, and it’s simple Marketing 101: It’s always easier to attract an audience than it is to go out and find them.

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  1. Andrew Healey

    Hi Steven, nice post.

    I agree with all your points. I have also found myself referring clients to my blog in order to reinforce topics discussed in meeting, so blogs can be a great sales tool.

    1. What you’re doing is very clever Andrew. Integrating your blog in your global strategy will always reinforce your business.

  2. Rekhilesh Adiyeri

    Yes steven, for getting more exposure in business need to get started with social activity & of the best working strategy is blogging.I always suggest blogging & social activities for my clients & they were getting more results. :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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