Building on Reader Comments to Maintain Blogging Momentum

If your blog seems a little stagnant lately, like everything’s at a standstill, maybe all you need to do is listen to your readers. A one-sided conversation will always eventually come to a screeching halt. Maintain your blogging momentum by building on reader comments. Let them be a part of the conversation, too.

Responding to comments is the first place to start because it lets your readers know you’re paying attention. But a simple “Thanks for leaving a comment” isn’t enough. It doesn’t do anything to move the conversation forward.

Think of your comments as an conversation. When a reader asks a question, answer it and ask one back. If a reader leaves a lengthy comment that adds value to the post, read it and respond with a question that keeps the conversation moving forward. Never let your comments end with just a “Thanks!

How To Create More Momentum With Comments

If you really want to maintain the momentum, move the conversation out of the comments and back onto your blog.

Take a comment from one of your readers and turn it into a blog post. If you also give credit to the reader it gives them a feeling of ownership in your blog which only help to increase engagement and loyalty.

This helps to increase your momentum in two ways:

  • Topic Ideas – When you can’t think of anything to write about that definitely puts a damper on your momentum. Your comments are loaded with questions and ideas. Use them for fodder for new posts.
  • Engagement – If you’re responding to comments then there’s already a bit of a conversation going on. By moving that conversation onto a new post you have a chance to engage even more readers and expand the circle.

How To Build On Reader Comments

Link to the comment thread: This is probably the easiest way to carry the conversation over. However, if your readers want to read the comment you’re talking about they’re going to have to click back and forth.

Quote the comment: You can link to the comment thread and include the quote in your new post. This keeps everything all on one page so it’s an easier read. Be sure to include the name of the commentor if possible.

Write a Part II Post: Either way, you’ll get even more momentum if you reference the previous post, along with the comment, and then expand on everything, including your own thoughts, questions and ideas and inviting your readers to do the same.

If you notice there’s a drop in comments or your readers just don’t seemed to be engaged with your blog lately, it might mean they need a little boost, too. Build on your reader comments to increase your momentum and bring everyone into the conversation.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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